Welcome kembali Mangakas! now on exactly how to Draw mangajan in 3D our illustration tutorial is on Luffy from One Piece. Luffy is just one of the paling popular One piece characters and also so we’ve decided to perform a full tubuh tutorial of Luffy berdiri today. If girlfriend missed our beginner tutorial on Luffy the is a close up of the head friend can uncover it here. Also, if you’re interested in illustration other One item characters just click top top the One item tag in the tag cloud top top the appropriate of the page to see all of our One Piece illustration tutorials. Friend can tambahan follow the link di sini to view a perform of every one of our existing One Piece manga drawing tutorials.This isn’t our simplest tutorial as it is a full tubuh manusia tutorial and also each step will contain an ext details and also things to attract than our other head tutorials. Gain your pencils ready and also learn how to draw Luffy!

Step 1

Step 01: As all of our returning mangakas will already know all of the blue present you watch in this tutorial are only construction lines and we’ll be erasing them later on. So, it’s necessary not to tekan ke bawah too hard on her pencil when drawing these lines. You’ll see our final lines in black towards the end of the tutorial.

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We require to begin by illustration a stick malu frame because that Luffy’s body and part rudimentary shapes for his key appendages. We’ll start with head and also work our means down. But the whole tubuh manusia including the head is about 7.5 heads high so ~ you draw your head you might want come measure and also make a mark at the bottom the your file to tolong you proportion everything correctly. The head come the belt is about 3 heads high v the legs and kaki being longer at around 4.5 heads.

Let’s mulai by illustration a upright ellipse for Luffy’s head at the peak of our paper. Beneath the we’ll attract a square choose shape v rounded edges the tapers in the direction of the bottom for the tribe of his tubuh and we’ll affix the trunk to the head through a kecil straight line. Beneath the trunk, we’ll draw an upside dibawah triangle through rounded edges because that the pelvis and we’ll connect that come the trunk v a short straight line. Lanjut we’ll attract two right lines from about fifty percent way increase the pelvis and include two kecil circles come the ends for Luffy’s knees. Continue with another straight line turun on every leg and add a rounded triangle shape at the end of both because that his ankle. Lastly, we’ll attract a rounded rectangle or horizontal ellipse form that overlaps the triangle ankles. You deserve to see the it need to overlap much more on the best than ~ above the left.


Step 2

Step 02: Now, we’ll draw our center and eye lines come the head circle. The center line is vertical and divides Luffy’s head nicely right into two, kapan the eye line is horizontal and just below the fifty percent way allude on the head circle. Next, we’ll draw two kecil circles on either side of the tubuh manusia trunk in the top corners for his shoulders; the circle on the best is slightly greater than the one on the left. Then, we’ll attract two kecil circles again close to the bottom corners the the body trunk; the one on the left is lagi away native the tubuh trunk whereas the one top top the right hanya touches it. Lastly, we’ll draw a line connecting the one on the best and those on the left because that his top arm and two crisscrossing lines across the body shape because that the reduced arms.


Step 3

Step 03: We’re doing good so much everyone. Let’s continue by working some much more on the arms. We need to draw two lines for each the his arms melihat the kecil circles as guides to the joints. Us should begin with the arm on the left. Together you deserve to see the bottom of the arm of the left and the height of the arm on the best are made by the exact same line. As soon as you’ve gained them in place, we’ll draw a trapezoid form (wider at the bottom) for the remainder of Luffy’s vest beginning at the elbows, emotional the corners of the pelvis and stopping about fifty percent way dibawah the pelvis.


Step 4

Step 04: now we’ll move down and do Luffy’s shorts and also legs. It’s fairly straightforward. We’ll awal with the shorts indigenous the bottom of the shirt and draw two rectangles through a sliver that empty room between lock that meet at the bottom that the pelvis. Next, we’ll draw two present on either next of our straight lines because that the legs. This lines shouldn’t be perfectly shaped yet slightly curved to imply the calf muscles and ankle. In the end, the legs will certainly be about fifty percent the width of the shorts.


Step 5

Step 05: kembali up again, this time to the head and we’ll attract Luffy’s features and hat. Us can mulai with two relatively sizable circles for his eyes on the eye line and also two much smaller circles within for his pupils juga on the eye line. Below the eyes and also taking up paling of the rest of Luffy’s lower confront is his mouth which we’ll do by drawing a half circle and adding a bent line inside for his tongue. Before finishing through his confront let’s add the squiggle ~ above the facility line because that Luffy’s nose, the two curved lines end the eyes for his eyebrows and a terakhir curved line dibawah the eye top top the appropriate for his scar. Beneath the head we’ll draw two lines that curve outward as they technique the tubuh manusia trunk because that his neck. Lastly, we’ll attract Luffy’s inseparable hat. Start with a besar near finish circle beginning near the bottom of the head circle. Then, include a kecil curving heat to the top. Gained it? Great! Let’s relocate on.


Step 6

Step 06: Alright, mangakas, we’ve got a little bit of a facility step di sini with many details. Let’s mulailah up in ~ the head whereby we left off through the terakhir step. Let’s start by adding to cup handle shapes to the bottom next of the head on one of two people side for Luffy’s ears. Within the ears there room some irregular forms for the inside ear. Then, we should attract the hair: the bangs mulailah at around the eye line and the top of his rambut starts in ~ the ears. The hair spikes end his forehead should be much longer than itu that overlap the hat.

Moving turun to the trunk we’ll draw two squiggly currently connecting the neck lines to the shoulder for the optimal of his shirt. Then we’ll attract an incomplete heart favor shape for the “V” reduced to his shirt. And below that, but hanya above the arms we’ll draw a kecil circle because that a button. We can draw another small circle wherein the pelvis touches the connecting line because that the stems for another button. Sebelum doing the finger let’s continue dibawah and finish up the shorts. In ~ the bottom the the shorts we should attract a squiggly rectangle ~ above both sides, Luffy is a pirate and I doubt he kekuasaan it to the tailor’s that regularly ^_^. In the pelvis triangle we have actually to attract the zipper and also wrinkles come his shorts. It should look a little bit like a carrot with a many thin roots coming off of it and also a small tent choose shape on the top. Lastly, we have the right to return come the eight and include the 4 squashed ellipses because that the fingers of his hand ~ above the left and also three small half ellipses ~ above the right.

Step 7

Step 07: an excellent job, everyone. That melakukan it for the building lines for his top body, let’s move turun and focus on the feet. Inside the overlapping rectangle form we’ll attract Luffy’s toes. Mulailah with the biggest “thumb” toe i beg your pardon is almost a finish ellipse and kemudian add four smaller “c” forms for the remainder of the toes. Beginning on the inner edge of the triangle forms we’ll attract two concentric “C” forms all the means around because that his sandals.

Step 8

Step 08: continuing with the feet we’ll add a crescent form inside both large toes for the toe nail and smaller an ext circular forms to the rest of the toes because that the continuing to be toe nails. Kemudian we’ll attract the straps come his sandals penampilan two arches on both feet that stop between the first and second toes sebelum continuing and a larger single arch over the middle of the foot.

Step 9

Step 09: That’s it for our construction lines. Use your eraser to lighten all of the present we’ve made therefore far and then ambil up her pen and trace out your last lines. You’ll notification how the rambut overlaps the cap (overlapping 3D principle), over there is a gap in the eyes that space not fully traced, we’ve included fingernails come the hand on the left, and hanya a little component of a button sticking out from under his urgent arms. We’ve tambahan added part shading in this step to include depth to the picture. We’ve shaded the areas di bawah his hat, top top the neck hanya below the jaw, the bottom component of the buttons, a small part top top the shorts hanya below the vest, the knees hanya under the shorts and the top component of the sandals that we have the right to see. Give it a shot and also you’ll see how we apply our 3D shading principle.

Step 10

Step 10: when your ink is dry you can completely erase any kind of remaining construction lines. Luffy is looking nice good, eh? Let’s perform one more step that filling just to include some more contrast.

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Step 11

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Step 11: just fill in Luffy’s vest in black except for the buttons and tambahan his hair. Great job, everyone. Step kembali and ambil a look at at her full body standing Luffy from One Piece! If her goal is to ini adalah a good mangaka make sure to attract Luffy again indigenous memory. Then compare the final drawing with the original and correct any mistakes you can have made. Try once again from memory. This is the best method to develop a vast library the shapes and get the tracing experience necessary that you can use in the masa depan for your own mangajan characters.