Park Bo gum is coming to Manila this April 27, 2019 at the mall of Asia Arena. The event is arranged by ABS-CBN Events and also Ovation Productions. You have the right to see the details here.

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Whether you’ve made decision to it is in there and also personally Hi-touch Bo Gum or at residence with your strong “Team Bahay” spirit, you deserve to now jump start your fangirl feels by binge-watching this list of dramas, films and selection shows that Bo Gum have done dari his 2011 debut.

1. Film | Blind (2011)

This is Park Bo Gum’s debut project. He played as a sustaining role bersama with Kim Haneul and Yoo Seungho together the leads. In spite of the brief screen time, Bo Gum’s character together Kim Haneul’s brother offered as a vital role in the film’s plot. His scenes here juga gave united state a glimpse that how good an gibbs Park Bo Gum will be in the future.

2. Drama | Wonderful Mama (2013)

Up till now, Park Bo Gum’s personality in this family drama remains among a kind. He played together Bae Jong Ok’s problem youngest child. One will be surprised to see Bo Gum together a playboy and also spoiled rich child who next every night. To trust me, all 48 episodes that this drama is certainly worth watching.

3. Movie | The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

This historical war film currently holds southern Korea’s document for the Top Highest-Grossing Film come date.

Bo Gum was praised and diterima by many professional critics and also co-actors for his impressive acting talent top top this film.

4. Drama | Wonderful aku (2014)

Playing together the teenage variation Lee Seo Jin’s character in this melodrama, he was able to portray a very young and also romantic Bo Gum. But the best thing about this drama is the we acquire to check out him plot in satoori!

5. Drama | Naeil’s Cantabile (2014)

Park Bo Gum’s function as the handsome cellist prodigy in this drama adaptation of Japanese mesh Nodame Cantabile was able to earn the his first Best new Actortitle native KBS Drama Awards and APAN Star Awards. Also, we get to see him as the scene-stealing 2nd lead.

6. Drama | Hello Monster (2015)

If friend haven’t watched this drama yet, you can pause readingthis list and also watch it first. Seriously, this collection is a need to – watch! Here, heplayed together the drama’s psychopathic lawyer (I need to stop explaining the merencanakan as Imight damn it you and we don’t want that right?).

Together with other casts; Seo In guk, Jang Nara, Choi saya menang young and execute Kyung soo (Yes, as in EXO’s DO), Park Bo gum yielded a power that offered him the “Best sustaining Actor Award” and “Popularity Award” at the 29th KBS Drama Awards.

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7. Movie | Coin Locker Girl (2015)

Also known for the judul “Chinatown”, this critically acclaimed movie that stars Kim hye soo, Kim go eun, Uhm Tae goo, go Kyung pyo and Park Bo gum was also selected to be screened in the 2015 Cannes movie Festival. It tambahan received many awards and also nominations. In fact, Bo gum got his an initial nomination at the Baeksang art Awards (2015) for the “Best brand-new Actor” category.

8. Drama | Reply 1988 (2015)

This is apa many consider as the project that catapulted Bo gum to whereby he is now. We check out him here as the genius Baduk Player the the Ssamundong Friends. Bo gum’s picture as Choi taek is something that will linger in your memory because that a really long time.

9. Range | Youth end Flowers: Africa (2016)

Basically, here we check out Park Bo gum, Ryu Jun yeol, Ahn Jae hyun and also Go Kyung pyo gift kidnapped in Thailand and thrown right into an african mission expedition by Na PD. The whole series of illustration is so candid and entertaining. Us can tambahan witness the solid friendship formed among them from anda work in reply 1988. If you want to view Bo gum in his clumsiest state together the group maknae, girlfriend better start searching because that the first episode.

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Now, this is the series that brought upon Bo gum’s tendency popularity di sini in the Philippines. Permainan as the charismatic Crown Prince bersama with “Sageuk Fairy” Kim Yoo jung, he to be able to catch lots of hearts. The drama also stars various other young talented actors; Chae Soo bin, Jinyoung, Kwak Dong yeon and Jung Hye sung.

11. Variety |Hyori’s Homestay Season 2 (2018)

He only showed up for a few episodes together a “part-time employee” while Lee Sang shortly was away in Seoul because that a couple of days. We were able come witness (again) his angelic personality while he help the B&B guests, Lee Hyori and also Yoona.

12. Drama | Encounter (2019)

Coming back from his practically 3 year of hiatus ~ finishing his bachelor’s degree, Bo gum newly returned to the small screen v none various other than – track Hye kyo. The series was so successful it became one of the highest-rated oriental drama in cable television history.

Did that excite you? yet to excite you more, di sini is the video of that inviting his fans for his fan pertemuan in April!


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