If you are suffering from K-Drama ‘Her personal Life’ withdrawal syndrome, here’s an antidote.

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Catch Park Min Young and also Kim Jae Wook in ~ 2019 StarHub Night of bintang on Starhub’s TV and diganjar platforms. Earlier this month, the pair turned up at the award ceremony in ~ Marina bay Sands. Jae Wook and also Min Young received the ideal Male and Female asian Star Awards respectively.


carlocaione.org sat dibawah with the K-stars sebelum the glitzy extravaganza. Here"s a perform of 10 exciting facts aboutthe K-drama couple which lock told united state themselves.

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Park Min Young

Park Min Young’s must-eat Singapore dish is…

“Actually i am therefore excited to have actually chilli crab, I already made a reservation for a restaurant, ~ the awards ceremony.”

Sung Deok Mi is a fangirl. However Min Yong is not.

“I don’t really fangirl, however my sister does. I even followed she to a H.O.T (South korean boy band) concert. To bermain the function of a pan in Her personal Life, ns studied the love from mine fans.”

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스탭들이 내 인사를 받아주지 않던날.. 자꾸 내앞에서 덕미를 찾던날 .. #덕후덕미 #그녀의사생활

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Feel complimentary to tell Min Young her secrets

“I"m very tight-lipped. You have the right to tell me anything, ns won"t tell anyone."

She desires to go clubbing

“There’s a lot of I desire to shot out. But I can’t execute it (because ns a celebrity). Because that instance, I’d like to walk clubbing.”

She’s one old soul as soon as it involves music

“I prefer old lagu that were released in the 90s. That is no that I carry out not adore current lagu-lagu though. Yet 1990s lagu-lagu accompanied me through my farming years.”

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