A cerita that is too late to tell but it doesn’t prevent me for sharing this one to the readers.Hi everyone, an initial of all enable me to present myself. My surname is Arbi Wijaya. Ns am currently pursuing mine bachelor’s melakukan as economic perkembangan student in 7th semester in ~ Syarif Hidayatullah State islam University Jakarta. So, lets mulailah the cerita about my journey to it is in the ambassador at ASEAN Youth Organization.ASEAN Youth company (AYO) is a youth-led community that comprises an ext than 450,000 Southeast asian youths and also registered as a fondasi, endowment in Jakarta, Indonesia. AYO spreads awareness that ASEAN to over 200 million young orang in south east Asia through numerous programs and also empower youth to ambil action and also engage local neighborhoods to perform impact-driven ideas/projects that create better changes.Right in ~ the start of 2020, AYO opened up the possibility for youths in ASEAN together ambassador. Then, i registered myself together a candidate that AYO ambassador. Certainly, the procedure wasn’t easy, beginning from administration selection to the question stage through produksi video around ASEAN by the candidate that ambassadors. Well, action by step I have actually been v it all.Almost a tahun ago, AYO received an ext than 1000 applications across ASEAN countries, just 100 ambassadors menjadi selected to the program, and only 71 ambassadors have actually survived till the program ended. Finally, I have the right to be entrusted through the ASEAN Youth company as one of its ambassadors. I received an resmi notification together ASEAN Youth organization Ambassador with email. In stimulate to improve the top quality of the chosen ambassadors, i was provided many pelatihan programs and challenges in the membentuk of produksi projects to have actually an tabrakan according to target issues. The online pendidikan programs that have actually been provided dulu carried out periodically from April come September 2020 through super impressive & insightful pembicara which come from over AYO counterparts kemudian as ASEAN, ASEAN Secretariat, UNDP, One Young World, APAC Universum and also XYZ

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Work, Dana Indonesia, Matahari kecil Indonesia Foundation, dunia Assembly of Youth, NCTP Secretariat the Cambodia, etc. These pendidikan programs dulu raised number of topics kemudian as AYO & leadership; EU ASEAN Cooperations; Desaign Thinking; problem Solving and vital Thinking; public Speaking; job Management; Harmonising The Multigenerational Workforce; increasing The Productivity and Efficiency of functioning From home in a Pandemic Time; Commemorating the ASEAN Day, Why is the travel Sector vital for ASEAN and also How is Covid-19 affect it?; and other work or case belajar test.Although in middle of the Covid-19 pandemic the is quiet outspread in ASEAN countries, these pendidikan sessions have actually made all ambassadors aware that there space still many crucial issues that should be solved by the youths in ASEAN. Not only that, but all ambassadors were also required to membuat impactful jobs for at the very least until the training sessions ended.As a component of ambassador, I created some projects through part ways. There were infographic, video, and webinar session related to financial literacy, plastic waste, and entrepreneurship.First, i made infographic isi by subject “Financial proficiency : knowledge & identify Financial Decisions because that a better Life” and juga did the interview v Indonesia’s financial Inclusion Ambassador. I harapan that rakyat especially millenials have the right to understand in financial products & services through financial literacy finding out in Indonesia & people can optimize dari mereka finances because that productive activities in the future. This infographic was supported by the ASEAN Youth Organization, DIKA Indonesia,
_beinghumans.Second, I developed video isi by object “Menjaga Bumi Pertiwi noël Akan Tenggelam sampah Plastik Sendiri”. With regard to this problem, I performed a video isi on environtmental melepaskan related to plastic rubbish in stimulate to provide insight & raise awareness to all orang in world and Indonesia so the it is meant that later on us all can thrive our heart and mind to give more awareness around plastic waste and its peril for ours lives.Third, I developed Entrepeneurship talk by object “How Millenials can Be Young Entrepreneur?”. I carried out this webinar session on entrepreneurship in order to provide insight, knowledge, beforehand experience come millennials and also others by presenting competent and experienced young businessman as pembicara in dari mereka field, so that it is supposed that later millennials deserve to spring up dari mereka soul that entrepreneurship in milik mereka respective ways. This webinar was sustained by the ASEAN Youth Organization, and the owner that
zealotshop.For the information, all tasks and activities that I have actually done will certainly be assessed by AYO, so no all selected ambassadors will obtain a certificate of completion as long as it is in the ambassador.And in ~ the end of program, ns did it !Maybe I’ve stated this sebelum on lainnya media however I will not hesitate come say that again here.The world is full of viewpoints and life has a juta of finish perspectives. As my principle, I have to be the one who sees the lebih lebar world from much more perspectives. It’s due to the fact that there space so plenty of things in life that have the right to teach me to dare to membuat best decision.I’ve started to learn itu perspectives & other good things here. Ns am so glad to still save in touch v the ASEAN Youth Organization, the team, and juga all ambassadors indigenous ASEAN countries. Ns met much more inspiring & awesome rakyat here.From here, i realized two things. Firstly, the duty of youth is crucial for all facets in actualizing better changes. Secondly, we males must it is in brave to learn, participate, and try something new from the wider world, no issue how huge the result is, just keep enjoying the procedures to it is in a much better person.Hopefully the trip doesn’t finish here.Thank girlfriend for all supports until this time,Keep learning & fighting because that everyone!#Impactlives#ASEANyouth

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