First that all, we would choose to thank you for the tremendous support you have presented for warna hitam Desert mobile on our an international release!

With so many new Adventurers joining us on this incredible journey, we have juga been made aware that few of our Adventurers space having obstacles logging in to the game. We are currently working to deal with these problems as a whole. In the meantime, please attempt our said fixes for the worries below.

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Here are several of the most common issues and our argued fixes.

If you space still experiencing issues after attempting this fixes, be sure to call Customer service so that us can carry out a solution as soon as possible! Customer organization can also be accessed in-game v > .

UTC-8 2019.12.12 20:40

Compatibility issues on particular Devices (Android)

Q. My phone won’t install or run the video game properly.A. We have found that devices that are produced for usage in specific countries will not have actually natively set up on the an equipment (ex. Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.). In this case, melihat third-party sources to manually download may cause the game to not install or run properly. We very recommend the you first install on your device kemudian download with the bermain Store to ensure that no worries occur. If the problem persists even after attempting this method, please call Customer company either on our website or in-game through heading come > .

※ Download Black Desert Mobile di sini on Google bermain Store

Error CodesQ. I keep getting an error code with numbers on it, and also I nothing know apa it means.A. Here are the services for the paling frequently arising errors.

<101> & <104> - This is due to an unstable web connection. Please inspect your atmosphere and try again through a stable Wi-Fi connection.<102> - This is due to a file being corrupted throughout download. Please shot re-installing v a stable Wi-Fi connection. UTC-8 2019.12.12 20:40<201> - This is a data error that have the right to be resolved by force-closing the app then reopening it. If the trouble persists, try uninstalling the app kemudian reinstalling it.<401> - This is because of insufficient warehouse on her device. Be sure to make enough room to allow the game to be set up successfully.

White Loading screen (Android)Q. A putih loading display comes up once I try to log in.

A. This is an masalah that wake up from data documents that space not installed correctly. On her device, walk to > > , kemudian apply and . When you"re done, open Google permainan Games. In addition, if her Android account’s expansion is currently set to
to solve the issue.

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Invalid Google Login AccountQ. I tried logging in through Google, but kemudian a article suddenly pops increase saying the I have actually an “Invalid google login account.”A. This is one error the occurs throughout the authentication procedure of her Google account. This masalah can be addressed by re-attempting come login penampilan the very same Google account. If the problem persists, shot logging in in ~ a later time.