PABLO is now one tahun and nine months old. By July that this summer he would be 2 years old. Based upon Bowo family habits, every two-year-old child, kemudian the parental of the huge family should provide him a little brother.

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For example, Titiek indigenous Harto"s family has a little sister, Tommy, after that was 2 years old. Similarly agus from the Beye family members has a younger brother, Ibas, who was born hanya when he was two years old.

The tradition in the clan-believing family, that the birth of a new manusia must ambil place every two years, and they would gladly offer a mark on the day of birth on the household calendar, a calendar device that the red date bisa have set for itself.

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Families who violate this supplication will obtain a curse: obtain a child walking v a limp leg. Hence, a family that the birth process of a child melakukan not follow the cycle of family habits, will gain scorn, and also is considered to aggravate the family image.

"It"s hanya our family way of remembering a great football party: the europe Cup and also the world Cup," Bowo claimed once.

As we know, two years after the european Cup untuk mengambil place, football fans will be presented with a dunia Cup title. Likewise two year after the world Cup, they automatically reunited through the europe Cup. As a family members whose blood that football flows in their veins, the bicycle is for this reason sacred.

When Pablo"s age is one year and sebelas months old, his mommy will not give birth to lainnya child, indications of pregnancy room not visible at all. It is said, a spiral the was installed shortly after Pablo"s cry to be heard for the first time, forgot to be pulled from Butin"s womb, Pablo"s mother.

Pablo obviously has no playmates, since he has actually not obtained a sister yet. The lonely Bowo with the loneliness that his little boy compelled him to embrace a monkey they picked up in the valley of the grand Morin, two miles from the facility of Poligny Town. As soon as the monkey they carry home, that is tho small. Looks like the monkey has just left his mother who remarried, while he was required to beg top top the negara side of the road, waiting for the cheap roadway users.

What compassion and desire to offer Pablo a playmate, lastly the monkey to be picked up. Being digabung and border in a special purchased cage in Poligny. During the job he was expelled native the cage, however in his legs still bound the chain. However, later, the chain rope to be released, after ~ the family members saw indications that the monkey to be tame. He juga has benar and duties choose other household members, and for his obedience, this monkey is named Siben have the right to bear the name of the rich family.

AS the summer comes, the Bowo family goes camping into the Pommeuse valley, 40 kilometers utara of Poligny Town. In enhancement to Pablo, father, mother and monkey, the enlarge brother, Prananda juga joined them. Camping in the summer has actually become their family"s secara teratur schedule, and it has actually been marked as a red day on dari mereka calendar. Ketika the various other family, they tambahan vacation to anda respective family camp, and the location is not far away.

In the area they have actually a vineyard and a ukurannya besar apple orchard. Conches Castle, a tradition of Pablo"s great-grandchildren tho stands firmly, and becomes milik mereka home for the expression of the camping holiday. However, they made decision to develop a tent not far from the place of the kunci in the barat there is an old church that has actually long abandoned its congregation, and also supposedly currently inhabited by ghosts bla-u.

They can be main there, as lengthy as they have enough supplies. A khususnya hall is created a be safe place as well as a dining location. During this time, the Maun through his wife and two children, came to be the safety of the castle. They had actually been working in the Bowo family"s garden because that a long time.

It had actually been two hari for the Bowo family members there, and also there had actually been no strange points that make the family members uncomfortable. The bla-u ghosts who normally disturb them every time they walk on holiday, have not excellent the action yet. So far, every little thing is still within normal limits and also is fine.

On the third day, when Bowo, wife and also Prananda (Pablo"s brother) study the vineyard, the Pablo is left bermain in the hall v Siben, the monkey. It to be Siben who had actually spent more time v Pablo, guarding and bermain with him. Pablo has actually not feel lonely sejak Siben was existing in the family.

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After being left behind in the hall, Pablo and also Siben look cool to play, they run to and fro, and occasionally follow the wild locusts in the area. His name hanya a small child, luggage is choose playing. Like most children, while playing regularly forget time and forget to eat. So that is through Pablo, the is so enjoying his childhood, particularly if with Siben.

Next come the Bowo family"s garden was a scrub. Actually, that was when cleansed, yet the owner rarely visited there after continuously ghost bla-u interfere with dari mereka families. Now, the garden has actually returned come the bush as before. Based on the recognition of Maun, in the area the ​​the shrub is now back inhabited by the black Mamba snake, among the most dangerous snakes in the world.

Siben is a little nimble, climb an to apologize tree and picking the green fruit. While Pablo to be still playing, and berlari around, choose up the bola near the guardrail through the now-bush garden. The was no even aware of the danger as soon as a half-meter-long black body sat approximately a one not far from the ball. As soon as Pablo choose up the ball, the hitam animal spontaneously strikes him v the most dangerous stroke.

Pablo burst into tears and roared loudly, where the weeping sounded to the ears of his wine-picking parents. Siben still gantung on the apple tree to be shocked and also panicked. He tambahan reflexively approached Pablo that was sitting in a state of lethargy and lanjutan to cry a lot. Siben saw the warna hitam animal not much from the place, and also chased him.

While Siben battled the snake, Bowo, his wife and also Prananda rushed kembali to the hall. They were afraid something was wrong with Pablo, and komandan that the bla-u Ghost was currently upsetting his son. Ketika Siben and hitam Mamba space dueling fiercely, attacking each other and retaliate, with their respective stances. Siben with his nimble move to and fro, making warna hitam Mamba challenge reaching the weak point. Siben who had actually several times defeated a snake to make it through in the valley of grand Morin, ordered the head the the warna hitam Mamba, and also bit his neck, produksi the warna hitam snake unable to relocate again. Then, die.

PABLO quiet moaned in pain and cried in ~ the height of his voice. Siben who had become part that the family members felt sorry because that him. The pet instinct that preserved him surviving prompted him to suck a line bite at the boy"s kaki to eject it. Sucking flue, exhaust. That"s just how he got the snake the end of Pablo"s leg.

As Siben suck blood indigenous the boy"s legs, Pablo"s parents landed on the scene and saw the pergerakan that Siben had actually with them not when did castle witness. Kapan Siben sucked, Pablo continued to cry and there to be no tanda of abating. The is said, in enhancement to venomous, hitam Mamba bites recognized to be really sick.

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Bowo that saw his son moaning in pain, became so angry. Moreover, he experienced a most blood coming out of Pablo"s legs. Siben"s mouth was covered with blood. Everything demon possessed, Bowo traction Siben and also separated indigenous his son"s legs. V a machete in the tangah, he also cut turn off the head of Siben to rest from the body. Siben"s tubuh only relocated for a while, kemudian silence. Forever.

Maun, that was assigned come dispose that Siben"s tubuh piece and head, found a half-meter-long hitam snake lied lifeless not much from the fence. Throughout the snake"s head it looked bite marks. The findings he never told the Bowo family, no to anyone in the family. The family juga shorten the holiday period, and also soon changed the city. Castle must bring Pablo come the family members clinic.

Until Pablo grows large, two snake bite marks room still imprinted. <>

This cerita is motivated from a childhood cerita told by a Teungku Gampong.


Short cerita #3 - Monyet

Pablo kini berusia satu lima sembilan bulan. Pada Juli monsoon panas pada saat kemudian usianya genap dua tahun. Berdasarkan kebiasaan keluarga terlalu tinggi Bowo, setiap seorang anak berusia dua tahun, maka orang başı dari keluarga terlalu tinggi itu harus memberinya seorang adik kecil.

Misalnya, Titiek dari keluarga Harto memiliki adik kecil, Tommy, nanti usianya genap dua tahun. Begitu pula agus dari keluarga Beye memiliki adik, Ibas, yang lahir benar ketika usianya dua tahun.

Tradisi di keluarga apa masih percaya klenik itu, bahwa kelahiran seorang human baru haruslah terjadi setiap dua five sekali, dan mereka become dengan senang trấn memberi sebuah tanda tangan pada tanggal kelahiran di atas kalender keluarga, sebuah sistem penanggalan yang tanggal merahnya bisa mereka menentukan sendiri.

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Keluarga yang melanggar ketentuan ini bakal mendapatkan kutukan: mendapatkan anak berjalan dengan kaki pincang. Makanya, sebuah keluarga apa proses kelahiran seorang anak noël mengikuti siklus kebiasan keluarga, menjadi mendapat cibiran, dan dianggap memperburuk citra keluarga.

"Itu hanya cara keluarga kami untuk mengingat pesta akbar sepakbola: Piala Eropa dan Piala Dunia," kata Bowo suatu ketika.

Seperti kita tahu, dua five setelah Piala Eropa berlangsung, penggemar sepakbola become disuguhkan gelaran Piala Dunia. Begitu pula dua lima setelah Piala Dunia, mereka langsung dipertemukan another dengan Piala Eropa. Seperti keluarga apa darah sepakbolanya mengalir batin nadi mereka, siklus akun itu begitu sakral.

Ketika usia Pablo menginjak satu five sebelas bulan, ibunya jangankan melahirkan anak lagi, tanda-tanda kehamilan pun tidak terlihat kesamaan sekali. Konon, sebuah spiral apa dipasang tak lama nanti tangis Pablo terdengar untuk pertama kali, dilupakan dicabut dari rahim Butin, tengah Pablo.

Pablo jelas noel memiliki teman bermain, buat belum punya adik. Bowo apa gundah menjangkau kesepian anak kecilnya akun itu mengharuskannya mengadopsi sebagai monyet yang mereka pungut di kawasan lembah cool Morin, dua kilometer dari pusat kota Poligny. Ketika monark itu mereka bawa pulang, dialah masih kecil. Sepertinya sang moses itu baru saja ditinggalkan induknya apa menikah lagi, sementara dirinya terpaksa mengemis di pinggir jalur negara, menanti pengguna cara berhati murah.

Rasa iba what dan keinginan memberi Pablo teman bermain, didefinisikan monyet menyertainya dipungut. Dikasih makan dan dikurung di dalam sangkar apa dibeli spesialisasi di Poligny. Siang days dia telah terjadi dari sangkar, tapi di kakinya tetap diikat tali rantai. Namun, belakangan, tali rantai itu dilepas, usai pihak familial melihat tanda-tanda bahwa monark itu cantik jinak. Dia pun memiliki hak dan kewajiban such anggota keluarga apa lain, dan atas kepatuhannya itu, monyet ini yang diberi namu Siben pun bisa menyandang nama belakang keluarga kerajaan itu.

Saat monsoon panas tiba, keluarga Bowo pergi berkemah setelah lembah Pommeuse, 40 kilometer di utara kota Poligny. Selain Pablo, ayah, medang dan monyet, sang kakak, Prananda juga ikut bersama mereka. Berkemah di musim panas memang sudah menjadi jadwal rutin familial mereka, dan bab itu sudah ditandai such tanggal merah di atas kalender mereka. Sementara keluarga apa lain, mereka juga berlibur usai perkemahan familial masing-masing, dan lokasinya tidaklah jauh-jauh.

Di kawasan menemani itu mereka memiliki sebuah kebun anggur dan kebun apel apa cukup luas. Kunci Conches, peninggalan dari buyut Pablo tambahan masih berdiri kokoh, dan menjadi tempat membukukan mereka selama masa hari libur berkemah itu. Namun, mereka memilih building tenda tak kurang sopan dari lokasi kastil yang di sebelah baratnya terdapat sebuah gereja tua yang sudah lama ditinggalkan jamaahnya, dan konon sudah dihuni melalui hantu bla-u.

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Mereka sanggup berminggu-minggu di sana, selama bekal apa mereka bawa cukup. Sebuah balai khusus dibuat buat tempat bersantai sekaligus seperti lokasi bersantap makan. Selama ini, si Maun bersama istri dan kedua anaknya, menjadi penjaga castle tersebut. Mereka cantik lama bekerja di kebun milik keluarga Bowo itu.

Sudah dua hari keluarga Bowo di sana, dan selama menyertainya pula noël terjadi hal-hal aneh apa membuat familic itu tidak betah. Hantu bla-u apa biasanya menganggu mereka tiap kali berlibur nanti sana, belum also melakukan aksinya. Sejauh ini, semua masih dalam batas sekutunya dan baik-baik saja.

Pada aku ketiga, kapan Bowo, istri dan Prananda (kakak Pablo) tetua kebun anggur, si Pablo ditinggal bermain di balai bersama Siben, sang monyet. Siben-lah selama ini apa lebih banyak menghabiskan times dengan Pablo, menjaga dan bermain dengannya. Pablo tidak lagi merasa kesepian since Siben hadir batin keluarga itu.

Setelah ditinggal di balai itu, Pablo dan Siben shine asik bermain, mereka berlari ke sana nanti mari, dan sesekali mengejarnya belalang liar di kawasan itu. Namanya saja anak kecil, bawaannya memang shang bermain. Such umumnya anak kecil, kapan sedang bermain sering lupa times dan terlupakan makan. Begitu pula halnya mencapai Pablo, dialah begitu menikmati masa kecilnya, lebih-lebih jika together Siben.

Di sebelah kebun milik keluarga Bowo itu ada semak belukar. Sebenarnya, dulunya kebun itu siap dibersihkan, namun sang pemilik jarang berkunjung ke sana usai berulangkali Hantu Bla-u knalen keluarga mereka. Kini, kebun akun itu sudah kembali menjadi semak belukar such semula. Berdasarkan pengakuan Maun, di areal semak menyertainya kini sudah bagian belakang dihuni garis Black Mamba, deviasi satu jenis ular paling berbahaya di dunia.

Siben yang tingkahnya sedikit gesit itu, memanjat menghanguskan apel dan air liur buahnya yang berwarna hijau itu. Sementara Pablo masih terus bermain, dan berlarian usai sana usai mari, memungut nol di dekat ranh pembatas menjangkau kebun apa kini enim semak belukar itu. Dialah bahkan tak menyadari bahaya kapan benda hitam sepanjang satu meter setengah duduk lingkaran tak kurang sopan dari bola. Saat Pablo mengabadikan bola, hewan hitam itu secara sukarela menyerangnya menjangkau patukan paling mematikan.

Pablo menangis dan meraung sekeras-kerasnya, koknya tangisan terdengar hingga ke telinga setiap orang tuanya apa sedang meludah anggur. Siben apa masih bergelantungan di ~ pohon apel takut dan panik. Secara reflek pula itu menghampiri Pablo apa terduduk batin kondisi lemas dan terus menangis sejadi-jadinya. Siben lanskap hewan berwarna hitam itu tak jauhnya dari tempat itu, dan mengejarnya.

Selagi Siben memukul dengan ular, Bowo, istri dan Prananda bergegas back ke balai. Mereka undang terjadi sesuatu yang noël beres di atas Pablo, dan ragu Hantu Bla-u kini mengganggu anaknya. Sementara Siben dan hitam Mamba sedang berduel mencapai sengitnya, saling bertindihan dan membalas, mencapai jurus masing-masing. Siben dengan gesitnya bergerak nanti sana-kemari, membuat black Mamba kesulitan menjangkau periode lemahnya. Siben apa sudah mayoritas kali mogok ular untuk bertahan kehidupan di lembah grand Morin, mencengkeram kepala warna hitam Mamba, dan mengigit lehernya, produksi sang garis hitam itu tidak mampu bergerak lagi. Lalu, mati.

**Pablo masih merintih kesakitan dan menangis sekeras-kerasnya. Siben apa sudah were bagian dari keluarga itu merasa kasihan. Naluri hewaninya yang membuatnya dengan tegas survive mendorongnya karena mengisap bekas gigitan garis di kaki anak itu karena mengeluarkan bisa. Isap buang, isap buang. Begitulah cara dialah mengeluarkan bisa ular dari kaki Pablo.

Selagi Siben mengisap darah dari kaki anak itu, orang tua Pablo tiba di secara spasial itu dan lanskapnya aksi apa selama Siben together mereka tak sekian pun aksi demikian mereka saksikan. Sementara Siben mengisap, Pablo terus saja menangis dan noël ada tanda-tanda mereda. Konon, selain berbisa, gigitan hitam Mamba dikenal mendesak sakit.

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Bowo yang melihat anak laki-lakinya merintih kesakitan, were begitu murka. Apalagi, itu melihat kawanan sekali darah dilepas dari kaki Pablo. Mulut Siben pun belepotan menjangkau darah. Entah kerasukan setan mana, Bowo menarik Siben dan polemik dari kaki anaknya. Mencapai golok di tangah, dia pun memotong utama Siben hingga putus dari badan. Berbadan Siben hanya bergerak sebentar, setelah itu diam. Untuk selamanya.

Maun yang mendapat berkomitmen membuang potongan berbadan dan kepala Siben, mendapati seekor ular berwarna black sepanjang satu meter setengah tergeletak tak bernyawa tak jauh dari pagar. Di sekujur kepala garis itu tampak bekas gigitan. Temuan akun itu tak pernah itu ceritakan kepada keluarga Bowo, noël kepada siapa pun di dalam keluarga itu. Familic itu pun mempersingkat masa liburannya, dan segera bagian belakang kota. Mereka harus membawa Pablo ke klinik keluarga.

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Hingga Pablo tumbuh besar, dua titik bekas gigitan ular itu masih membekas. <>

**Kisah ini terinspirasi dari sebuah cerita masa kecil yang didongengkan seorang Teungku Gampong.