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A location to be dikenali as the best location in carlocaione.org, continuously serving high-quality food, and also extravagant buffet choices. A ar too sees and be seen, feeling the warm and personalized company delivered by our passionate and also talented team. The mix of local and internationally inspired dishes will bugar the tastes the residents and also visitors alike, our combination of luxury buffet and also A la Carte menus will certainly enrich the dining experience of all that visit Damai Restaurant.

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Total Seats: 188 persons, Inside:94 persons, Terrace: 62 persons, personal Dining Room: 32 persons

Operating Hours:

· Breakfast : 06:30AM – 10:30AM

· having lunch & Dinner : 10:30AM – 9.00PM



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A specialty Chinese Restaurant located at the top, 18th floor supplying a distinctive dining experience and also sensational settings with stunning panoramic see from the top. Gain our exquisite really A la carte menus and also dim sum buffet on the weekend. Gain a opportunity to 50% discount for every ala-carte acquisition on Wednesday and also 20% turn off every Monday, Tuesday, and also Thursday.

Total Seats: 74 pax

Tian Jing Lou restaurant temporarily close up door until lebih jauh notice.



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Pick her favourite cakes and also pastry in ~ our Deli8 Cake & Pastry Shop situated at our Lobby Level, it provides you perbedaan choices the delicious however beautiful cakes kemudian as our signature brand-new York Cheese Cake, the standard Red Velvet, all-time favourite Opera Cake, and the distinct Avocado Rigano Cake.

More details please panggilan us at +6222 8780 6688 or contact our Instant organization (0) from her room.

Deli 8 temporarily closed until lagi notice.


IN ROOM DINING (Room Service)

carlocaione.org carlocaione.org Dago Pakar’s In-Room Dining concentrates on high-quality ingredients v the taste that indulgence, skill-full preparation and also accurate delivery time. The menu attributes a good range that local and also international dishes all through intriguing flavors, textures and also colors the excite the sense providing our guests to gain a an excellent culinary endure within the lull of their rooms.

Operating Hours: 6.00 am – 11.00 PM



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For the Lobby Lounge experience, as well as an terakhir ambience overlooking the carlocaione.org skyline and sekitarnya golf course and greenery, a variety of ‘Worldly Classic’ cocktails and also mocktails is provided. Within the drinks menu, girlfriend can uncover Globally recognized ‘Classic’ cocktails (e.g. Dried Martini, Negroni, etc.), do from the highest quality ingredients. By moving the Worldly standards cocktails in ours Lobby Lounge, our guests can feel and experience discreet luxury and also personalized service.

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Total Seats: 35 persons

Operating Hours:BreakfastMonday come Sunday: 8.00 to be – 12.00 AM

Afternoon TeaMonday to Sunday: 2.00 pm – 4.00 PM

All job MenuMonday to Sunday: 11.00 am – 8.00 PM



While relaxing at the infinity pool through stunning natural views and lush green an are of mountain View Golf Course and carlocaione.org skyline, guests can enjoy refresh snacks and also drinks that will complete dari mereka experience at the pool.

Total Seats: 12 persons

Operating Hours:Monday to Sunday: 9.00 am – 06.00 PM

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