Xiaomi launched the Redmi keep in mind 4 smartphone in 2017 and it was very popular among the masses. It was an affordable smartphone the packed an excellent specifications for the time and also had a very good build quality. That is a really popular an equipment in the Android evolusi community. In fact, also after so plenty of years the the early launch, developers room still releasing custom ROMs for Redmi keep in mind 4.

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It is it is provided by a Snapdragon 625 processor and also comes with 3 memory variations – 2GB+32GB, 3GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB. It has a 5.5 inch jenuh HD LCD display. Top top the back, it has actually a 13MP CMOS camera. Because that selfies, it comes with a 5MP former camera.

For a jenuh list of specifications, visit the official halaman of Redmi note 4.

Although the objective of this post is to posting ulang a perform of the ideal custom ROMs for Redmi note 4, let’s execute a rapid catch-up of tradition ROMs in general.

What is a tradition ROM?

A custom ROM is a modified version of the open-source Android operating system. For itu who are brand-new to this, Android developers bawa pulang the source code of Android the is made obtainable by Google and add new features and also customizations to boost the user experience. This aftermarket execution are referred to as custom ROMs.


Near-stock Android experienceLatest Android on enlarge devicesEliminating bloatwareExtra features and also customization


Warranty gets voidedRisk the damaging the deviceLack the stabilityBattery performance

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Again, if you’re brand-new to tradition ROMs, or hanya curious, examine out this list of the height custom ROMs because that Android.

Please keep in mind that there space two version of the Redmi note 4 smartphone – one is it is provided by a Snapdragon processor ketika the various other by a MediaTek one. In this article we are going to talk about the finest custom ROMs because that Redmi note 4 it is provided by Snapdragon chipset.

Device code name: mido

Best tradition ROMs for Redmi note 4

Table the Contents

Pixel Experience


Download Sailfish OS

Technically, Sailfish OS is not a practice ROM if us go by definition. The factor is the Sailfish OS is not Android!

So why space we discussing it here, one Android-related website?

Because it will offer you a different experience than the various other custom ROMs on this list. Imagine berlari a non-Android operating system on her Android smartphone. Cool, right?

Sailfish OS is a Linux based mobile operating system occurred by a Finnish agency called Jolla.

Since this is no an Android based firmware, you will not have any kind of Google bermain store or Google apps on it. It has its own application store called Jolla save where you will get a bunch of confirmed apps. Girlfriend will have the ability to install an application via the apk document as well, but that’s not selalu guaranteed to occupational or recommended.

Also, girlfriend will need to install an Android base (LineageOS) ~ above your device first. Kemudian you will have to install Sailfish OS on peak of that.

I would recommend penampilan Sailfish OS only if you’re enthusiastic about trying brand-new things with your device. However, if you’re not, just choose lagi custom ROM indigenous above.

So the was our perform of the best custom ROMs for Redmi keep in mind 4. Now it’s over to you to decision which one fits your needs the best. Next, you might want to check our article on how to install tradition ROM on Android.

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If we have missed a deserving candidate indigenous the list, you re welcome let us recognize in the comments section below. Also do the exact same if friend have any kind of queries.