Once ~ above a time, in Java there was a good kingdom named prambanan. They dulu life peaceful of along together. But, one day, The kingdom of prambanan was being invaded and also colonized by the pengging. The tranquility the kingdom that prambanan was broken later. The military was attackted by pengging, and they dulu not able come face, then they lost. Finally, the kingdom the prambanan being regulated by pengging, and it memerintah by bandung bondowoso.

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Bandung bondowoso to be so bossy and cruel. “Announcement, anyone who execute not conform to my commandments, will be sentenced to heavy!” said Bandung bondowoso to every the rakyat in the kingdom. Bandung bondowoso had troops the spirits. Someday, Bandung bondowoso experienced roro jonggrang, the daughter of raja prambanan,was beautiful woman ever. “How beautiful you space the princess. I wanted you to it is in my lady” pikiran bandung bondowoso.

The lanjut day, Bondowoso pull close Jonggrang. “You watch beautiful, will certainly you be my queen?”, request Bondowoso to Jonggrang.

 Jonggrang gasped, hearing Bondowoso question. “How dare you are, yet understand me automatically wanted me to be your queen,” stated Loro Jongrang in her mind. “What need to I do?”. Jonggrang was right into confusion. Her mind to be spinning. If that refuses, kemudian Bondowoso be furious and endanger she family and also the rakyat of Prambanan. Yet she to be not possible to say yes, because Jonggrang walk not like to Bondowoso.

“Jonggrang,can girlfriend answered?” request Bondowoso. Finally Jonggrang acquire the idea. “I am willing to be her wife, yet there are a prerequisite sebelum it,” she said. “What space the conditions? Want treasures galore? Or the magnificent palace? “.

 “No, my lord”, said Jonggrang. “I asked for the temple, the amount should be a thousand pieces.” “A thousands pieces?” Bondowoso shocked and screamed. “Yes, and also the temple must be completed in a single night.”

 Jonggrang Bondowoso stared, his lips quivering anger. Since kemudian Bondowoso thinking how to do 1000 temples. Ultimately he request his advisors. “I believe my master have the right to make the temple with the help of spirits!”, stated the advisor. “Yes, it is right, you re welcome prepare the equipment which i need!”

 After the equipment be ready. Bondowoso berdiri in former of the altar stone. Both arms extended out wide. “Forces Spirits, membantu me!” He cried in a booming voice. Shortly thereafter, the sky came to be dark. The wind howled. A moment later, the genie was already swarming troops Bondowoso.

 “What have to we carry out majesty?” asked the leader that the genie. “Help me build a thousands temples,” pleaded Bondowoso. The genie instantly move to and fro, carrying out dari mereka respective duties. In a brief time the temple has actually composed virtually a thousand pieces.

Meanwhile, quietly Jonggrang watch from a distance. She to be anxious, knowing Bondowoso genie aided by troops. “Oh mine god, what should ns do?”, stated Jonggrang in she mind. She was looking for a reason how to addressed the condition. The imperial ladies shave assembled and also assigned to collection straw. “Fast burn every the hay!” Command Jonggrang. Paling of the other ladies shaved mashing mortar. Dung … dung … dung! The sky was red tinge with the sound the frenzied, so much like the senja was breaking.

 Jin or soul troops currently thought senja was breaking. “Well, the sun will rise!” cried the genie. “We have to go sebelum the sun charred our body,” said lainnya genie. The genie is scattered left the place. Bondowoso to be surprised to view the scare genie forces.

 In the morning, Bondowoso invite Jonggrang to the temple. “The temple which girlfriend requested has actually been established!”. Jonggrang instantly calculate the sourse of the temple. That turned the end that there dulu only 999 pieces!. “The amount is much less than one!” Exclaimed Jonggrang. “My majesty, you have actually failed to qualify which i asked”.

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 Bondowoso surprised to learn that deficiency. He became really angry. “No way …”, claimed Bondowoso glowering come Jonggrang. “Then you must complete it!” the said kapan pointing his finger at Jonggrang. Therefore Magical! Jonggrang soon turned right into a tidak hadir statue. Until currently these temples still exist and also are located in the region of Prambanan, central Java and also called Jonggrang Temple.