Primaya Hospital utara Bekasi : Jl. Kaliabang Villa cantik Permai (Golden City) Blok G No.1 Teluk Pucung Bekasi Utara

Primaya Hospital’s phia băc Bekasi is dedicated to enhancing patient’s kesehatan and is reflect in a comprehensive healthcare service program. As a hospital that emphasizes patient’s safety and great quality, Primaya Hospital utara Bekasi has actually several element services, namely the Mother and also Child organization Center, Trauma service Center, pain Management, and also Minimally Invasive Surgery.

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In the procedure of diagnosis, action, therapy, to rehabilitation; Primaya Hospital utara Bekasi offers services i m sorry are incorporated with various other Primaya Hospital networks. This is a membentuk of Primaya Hospital’s commitment to fulfill the considerable healthcare services for every community.

In enhancement to concentrating on healing, Primaya Hospital north Bekasi supports every patience to lead a healthy life by providing various routine diberkatilah anda check packages sebagai as clinical check-up packages and berbeda other health check packages.

service Quality the Primaya Hospital north Bekasi

Primaya Hospital north Bekasi is a hospital in utara Bekasi that prioritizes an excellent service high quality including:

E-MR: electronic Medical Record all patient medical records are integrated in between units that it will minimize errors early out to pemandu records.Short waiting waktu for drug administration in pharmacy Mix

Doctor’s Schedule and Emergency surroundings (IGD)

Doctor’s registration and also schedule have the right to be found here or via the numberi below:

Outpatient it is registered at the Polyclinic

Procedures because that Outpatient Registration through WhatsApp sepenuhnya name / medical record mageri (if any) / date of birth / Day and date of therapy / name of doctor and also polyclinic to go to / Payment guarantee used (personal, company, insurance, or BPJS) / Mobile mageri that have the right to be contacted

Procedure for Registration of new Outpatients patients come directly to join -> bawa pulang the it is registered queue number -> Patients itu terdaftar new patient and carry out the required data -> Patients obtain the queue numberi of physicians -> Patients do screening at the nurse station -> Patients obtain services -> Patients take drugs in ~ pharmacy and also or to the cashier to do payment because that outpatient registration.

Procedure because that Registration the Old Outpatients patients come straight to join -> ambil the registration queue numberi -> patient re-register -> Patients get doctor queue number -> Patients carry out screening at the nurse terminal -> Patients gain services -> Patients take drugs in ~ the pharmacy and or to the cashier to make a payment.

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Emergency environment (IGD) Registration

In one emergency, patients can automatically come come the emergency room and also follow the triage with the emergency room nurse. Then, the patient’s family members or family members can mendaftar at admission

patient Visitation

Primaya Hospital understands the comes to of the patient’s family and also relatives to visit and also provide morel support. However, you re welcome be advised that the patient’s require for remainder is necessary in order the speedy and far better quality recovery have the right to be acquired. During the Covid-19 pandemic, visiting hrs are not accessible to certain the patients’ and visitors’ health from exposure come Covid-19.