Since the secara teratur cast members the Running Man have actually the best range skills, it's tough to discover celebrities that can easily match anda timing, connection, and all-around game-playing abilities. That said, there have actually been part stand-out guests that can bermain with them really well.

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Here space the top 10 male guests native Running Man!


Cha Tae Hyun v Kim Jong Kook as soon as they menjadi younger. Along with Jang Hyuk, lock are known as the Dragon Brothers. They've been best friends because that a lengthy time and their chemistry mirrors on screen.

Appearances on berlari Man


10, 57-58


Every interaction with Kim Jong Kook.His guest illustration with song Ji Hyo wherein he “forced” Running Man members to tolong him complete his mission.

What buatlah Him a great Guest

Cha Tae Hyun is one of Kim Jong Kook’s finest friends. Bersama with Jang Hyuk, they are well-known as the dragon brothers. He's also great friends with the guys on the display including Haha and Kang Gary. That's why his appearances on the present are for this reason funny—it feels choose you are gantung out v a group of friend who have known each other darimana they menjadi kids. Sejak they recognize each various other so well, they deserve to turn every situation into miscellaneous funny.

Cha Tae Hyun kenal how to play with this. That “abuses” his familiarity v the cast and melakukan all sorts of silly things, forcing his team members to focus on winning while he takes care that the comedy.

Cha Tae Hyun's Background and also Career

Cha Tae Hyun is a South korean actor and also singer best-known worldwide for his roles in the hit comedies My Sassy Girl (2001), Scandal Makers (2008), and also Hello Ghost (2010).

My Sassy Girl 2 is set to be exit in 2015, and in 2014 that starred in the movie Slow Video. He is also starring in an upcoming kdrama, The Producer, collection to be exit in may 2015.

He's juga been a actors member on the variety show 2 days & 1 Night since 2013, where he's had actually the opportunity to hone his range show skills.


After 13 years of dating, he and also actress Eun-suk Choi married. They dulu high school sweethearts and she to be his very first and only girlfriend.

Cha Tae-hyn at Music Camp


Lee Dong Wook takes a selfie during their filming break. Notification the two youngsters at the back, together sweet together ever.

Appearances on running Man


133-134, 136


Nametag-tearing round whereby he no only had actually to tear turn off nametags, but he also had to look because that a proviso to bring in Kim Jong Kook.Finishing more than 15 pieces of (whatever it to be they were eating) to victory a knife in a competition with Yoo Jae Suk.

Why He’s a good Guest

He provides the video game his all and also holds naught back, consisting of his grandmother’s kitchen sink.In the eastern Tour, he ended up entering virtually every room on every the floors they were using for the game hanya to find the clue. He to be sweating prefer crazy and running around chasing people like a nine-year-old hell-bent on winning. It was too negative that in the end he couldn’t gain enough tolong and ended up losing.He left kemudian a large mark top top the present that he is still discussed in numerous show fan forums to-date.

Lee Dong Wook's Background and Career

Lee Dong Wook is a South korean actor that is finest known for his leading duties in the televisi dramas My Girl (2005), La Dolce Vita (2008), Scent the a Woman (2011), Hotel King (2014), and Blade Man (2014).

In 2014, that was juga featured in the an initial and 2nd season that the selection show Roommate.


To quell rumors of date on Roommate, S.E.S. Member Shoo and also Lee Dong Wook stopped being girlfriend on the show.

Lee Dong Wook on late Night Cafeteria


Appearances on berlari Man


131, 150


The one-on-one nametag-tearing battle versus Kim Jong Kook.Wrestling through Kim Jong Kook.Taking down Lee Kwang Soo.

Why He’s a great Guest

Cho Sung Hoon is the the strongest guest player to have appeared on Running Man. The is a professional MMA athlete. As soon as he appeared on Running Man, everyone was wait for the big event, his one-on-one through the Commander, Kim Jong Kook and it didn’t disappoint.

Cho Sung Hoon proved that he is a worthy enhance for RM’s the strongest runner. They fought it the end for more than lima minutes in a clean one-on-one nametag-tearing battle. There was nobody else in sight, and also no one interrupted. It to be a battle of wits and strategy. I dare say it to be the ideal nametag-tearing fight ever checked out on Running Man.

Cho Sung Hoon in ilustrasi 150

Cho Sung Hoon's Background and Career

Cho Sung Hoon (Chu Seong-hoon), juga known as Yoshihiro Akiyama, is a southern Korean and Japanese mixed martial artist and also judoka.

Akiyama is popular for win the yellow medal in ~ the 2001 asian Championships for southern Korea, and for Japan in ~ the 2002 asian Games.


A fourth-generation Japanese of korean descent, Cho Sung Hoon mengakuisisi Japanese nationality in 2001.Since 2013, Cho Sung Hoon and his household have to be featured in the KBS2 truth show, Superman is Back whereby celebrity dads space left in fee of anda kids without milik mereka wives.

Cho Sung Hoon dandan Reel


Appearance on untuk berlari Man




Nametag-tearing battle.The entire khususnya powers baseball.

Why They menjadi Great Guests

It is selalu nice come see expert athletes visiting Running Man, especially itu who turn out come be huge fans. They selalu give it milik mereka best and also quickly establish rapport v the members. Somehow, having actually watched Running Man for some time, it bekerja untuk them feel favor they are “part the the family.” They understand the banter, the typical jokes, the normal setups, and the characters of every member.

That to be all noticeable when Choo Shin-soo and Ryu Hyun-jin go on the show. With no chance to satisfy the cast, they sprung right into nametag-tearing merencanakan right away and also didn’t hold kembali at all. They sent out chills turun everyone’s spine by showing the very same competitive heart they have in their professional games.

Their superpower baseball game was even an ext fun. No knowing apa to expect, castle reacted and also played around an extremely well. This to be the second episode of Running Man that ns watched and also it was the episode that got me hooked.

Choo Shin-soo and also Ryu Hyun-jin: Backgrounds and Careers

Ryu Hyun-jin

Ryu Hyun-jin is a South oriental baseball player who is right now the starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. ~ seven seasons with the Hanwha Eagles, Ryu came to be the first player from the KBO to sign up with a MLB team via the posting system. The was juga the first South oriental to offer as the starting pitcher that a utama League Baseball postseason game.


Left-handed pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin started the 2015 MLB v the Dodgers top top the disabled list due to the fact that of a ache shoulder.

Choo Shin-soo

Choo Shin-soo is a south Korean expert baseball player, right now the outfielder because that the Texas Rangers. Formerly, he juga played for the Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians, and Cincinnati Reds.

Choo was selected together the paling Valuable Player (MVP) and Best Pitcher the the 2000 dunia Junior Baseball Championship once South Korea saya menang the event. After that, Choo signed a $1.35 million contract through the Mariners and started bermain in the outfield.


Shin-woo has a calligraphy tattoo top top his forearm through the letter "SWMG," which stand for the name of his family members members: S from Shin-soo, W from menang Mi (his wife), M native Moo-bin (Korean name of his elder son, Alan) and G from Gun-woo (Korean surname of his younger son, Aiden).

#6. Nichkhun

Appearances on untuk berlari Man


4-5, 19, 40, 50-51, 104


Thailand spesial when the didn’t know untuk berlari Man was going come visit his family.

Why He’s a an excellent Guest

Nichkun is a Running Man veteran. Despite he hasn’t been on the show for over a year, he to be a regular before that and also rightfully so. He is just one of the few idols that always gives that his all regardless the the challenge. He tears nametags, strategizes, cooks, and looks for hints as if he menjadi one the the regulars top top the show.

The finest thing about him is his wit. Over there are very few orang who have the right to be top top the same wavelength as Yoo Jae Suk, Haha, Kang Gary and also Kim Jong Kook. As soon as Nichkun is on, that feels choose he is one of them. He untuk mengetahui if the guys are setting up because that something funny and also he is selalu totally in the joke.

Add to the the kebenaran he’s strong and has great stamina and also you’ve acquired a good player that can even outlast RM.

Nichkhun in episode 40

Nichkhun's Background and Career

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul, usually recognized mononymously together Nichkhun, is a Thai-American singer, model, and actor at this time based in southern Korea. He sings and also raps as a member the 2PM, a six-member South oriental boy band.


Born in Rancho Cucamonga, california to a Thai father and fourth generation Thai-Chinese mother, Nichkun moved bagian belakang to Thailand v his family when he was two but finished his high institution career in California.

Nichkhun in 2pm: Hand's Up

Appearance in running Man




Train ride with Yoo Jae Suk.His exaggeration ddakji fighting stance.

Why He’s a good Guest

By the finish of this episode, every Running Man member professed milik mereka love because that Cha In Pyo. He to be active, funny, and also did the difficult by out-talking Yoo Jae Suk.

He did all sorts that funny and silly things that even urged Yoo Jae Suk to say that he didn’t ask Cha In Pyo to do any type of of the things he did. The was just improvising.

Right off the bat, he was taunting anyone and running around come tear off nametags with complete disregard to who he to be facing. That skillfully created good set-ups and hilarious “trash-talking” moments through the cast and also other guests before tearing off dari mereka nametags. During the ddakji fight he confirmed his goofy confidence also if he wasn’t that good at it, i beg your pardon made points funnier.

Cha In Pyo permainan Ddakji

Cha In Pyo: Background and also Career

Cha In Pyo is a oriental actor who has starred in both movies and televisi dramas. In 2014, the played basic Chun Tae Woong in the collection Endless Love ~ above SBS.

On the big screen, he played Mr. Kim in the 2015 movie Seoul Searching, based upon the true cerita of a 1980s government program in Korea that funded foreign-born korean teens to spend a summer in Seoul and also reconnect with their heritage.


Cha In Pyo has three children, one son and also two daughters, one of whom is adopted.

#4. Jackie Chan

Appearance on running Man




Getting the end of the framework when Haha was taking a selfie v him in the frame.Pressure mat challenge.Being dragged away by Haha and Kang Gary.

Why He’s a great Guest

Even in Hollywood, Jackie Chan is known for gift spontaneous and also incredibly honest, which makes for very funny interviews. He lugged that spontaneity to Running Man. Having stayed in Korea for 2 years, Chan understands Hanggul quite well and speaks part too. And also even despite he had actually to it is in aided through a translator, it didn’t prevent him from producing funny moments.

He to be goofy in the press mat challenge and conveniently learned the cheating ways of Running Man in the headgear challenge. His spontaneity made berlari Man feeling at ease through him, enabling the actors to perform things come Jackie Chan that they usually only do to every other.

Jackie Chan: Background and Career

Jackie Chan practically needs no introduction. A popular Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director, producer and singer, Chan is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic timing, use of improvised weapons, and also innovative stunts i m sorry he generally performs himself. Chan has actually been acting dari the 1960s and also has showed up in end 150 films.

In kapak of accolades, Chan has received stars on the Hong Kong way of bintang as well as the Hollywood berjalan of Fame. A cultural icon in Asia and beyond, Chan has been referenced in variasi pop songs, cartoons, and video games. A small known kebenaran is the Chan is also a Cantopop and also Mandopopstar, having actually released a mageri of albums and sung countless of the theme songs for the films in i m sorry he has actually starred.

His first directed movie 1911 to be released in 2011, and also he's play the voice of the Monkey in Kung-Fu Panda 1, 2, and also 3.


Jackie Chan continual a near-death fracture to the skull while filming Armour of God.

Jackie Chan - Blooper Reel

Appearances on untuk berlari Man


95-97, 152-154


Being hold for the day.Confessing his love for Running Man.Setting up IU to acquire the final win.

Why He’s a great Guest

Park Ji Sung admitted he wants to it is in a secara teratur on Running Man and also loves the display so lot that he share the episodes through his teammates. In fact, that has lugged over several of his friends end to the show.

When the stood in for Yoo Jae Suk as host, he to be so great that the surprised the cast. That knew every the drills, from Kang Gary’s stress and anxiety to Haha and Yoo Jae Suk’s fight come Lee Kwang Soo’s stupid role.

Park Ji Sung: Career and also Background

Park Ji Sung is a southern Korean former footballer who right now serves as a society ambassador at manchester United.

Born in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, Park to be the captain of the South korean national team till he retirement from worldwide football. He is just one of the paling decorated oriental footballers in history with accolades prefer being the very first Asian footballer to have won the FIFA Club dunia Cup. Park can permainan anywhere across the midfield and is provided for his exceptional fitness level, discipline, job-related ethic and also off-the-ball movement. His amazing endurance levels and pace earned that the nickname 'Three-Lungs' Park.


To help him get strength once he was a boy, Park Ji Sung's father digabung him frog soup and deer antlers.

#2. Jung Yong Hwa


One-on-one with Kim Jong Kook in a nametag-tearing battle.In his second guest appearance, the single-handedly identified the clue and saved his team to snag the win wherein the members shown that he yes, really is the ace.

Why He’s a an excellent Guest

He has been top top the present so many waktu that Running Man members don’t even treat him as guest anymore. Furthermore, anyone feels choose he is a reguler and he has actually publicly identified that had he no been for this reason busy through tours and also other CNBlue commitments, he would certainly gladly be a permanent part of the show.

RM likes having actually him on because he is a real ace. He is both strong and intelligent. He’s juga great at figuring out how to put bersama clues to uncover the genuine answer. He tahu where to hide and maafkan saya to do in those nametag-tearing battles and also how to bermain around through the cast to create funny moments. In fact, he is the very first celebrity guest to imply a reverse RM vs guest challenge. That asked the production staff to do RM members they space tricking him as soon as he was actually the one law it actually the one tricking them. He finished up winning the challenge.

He doesn’t care about being one idol and juga shares a very close friendship with Kang Gary and Haha off-screen. He is among the few guests to beat Kim Jong Kook in a one-on-one nametag tearing battle. Afterwards, he maintained Kim Jong Kook’s nametag and also posted that on Twitter.

Jung Yong-hwa on ilustrasi 17

Jung Yong-hwa: Background and Career

Jung Yong-hwa is a South korean musician, singer, songwriter, producer and also actor. That made his present biz debut together "Kang Shin-woo" in the korean drama You're Beautiful ~ above October 7, 2009 and played the masculine lead together "Lee Shin" in the 2011 drama Heartstrings. In addition, Jung is tambahan the leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist the the rock band CNBLUE.

In january 2015, Yong-hwa debuted together a solo artist v the album "One good Day" and also clinched the No. 1 clues on Billboard's dunia Albums chart.


In one interview native March 2014, Jung Yong Hwa stated that he and Park Shin Hye have never dated also though they space friends.

Jung Yong Hwa's solitary "One fine Day"

Appearances on berlari Man


52-53, 69, 118


Final fight versus Yoo Jae Suk. His danger to Yoo Jae Suk as soon as Yoo Jae Suk betrayed him.

What kekuasaan Him a great Guest

Choi Min Soo is to Running Man what Loki was to Avengers. That is the one an excellent nemesis that Running Man will always fear. That will selalu be the an excellent anti-hero the is strong where everyone else is weak. Paling important the all, he is darn funny.

He reflects Running Man a the majority of respect by preparing before going come the show. He doesn’t walk there and also do whatever. Instead, the goes in development and thinks of the things he desires done to membuat a an excellent show for the audience and also give some good laughs. His last appearance was particularly impressive together he was able to set up whatever to integrate “fear” and also “comedy” in the show. The result is among the most unforgettable episodes ever where the members felt choose they dulu on a slasher-cum-comedy film.

Choi Min Soo: Background and Career

Choi Min Soo to be born right into one of Korea's paling famous exhilaration families, with acting going all the way kembali to his grandfather and grandmother, Jeon Ok, who was known as the "Queen that Tears."

Choi Min Soo has appeared in dozens of films and also dramas, despite his paling recent drama roles were in "Faith: The an excellent Doctor" and also "The Blade and the Petal."

In 2014, the starred in the kdrama Pride and Prejudice top top MBC and also in 2014, he had actually a leading duty in the movie How to Steal a Dog.


Choi Min Soo married June elizabeth Kang in 1993 as soon as she was representing Canada in a miss out on Korea pageant.

The Radio Star through Choi Min Soo

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