Pro Tip: To acquire the paling complete regulation, to fill in both your departure and also arrival cities/countries.

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Travelers from/to urban in Java and Bali (intra Java-Bali), must present a COVID-19 vaccination card/certificate that at the very least 1 dose and also PCR check results through samples bring away maximum the 3x24 hours sebelum departure.Travelers from/to cities external Java and Bali, must present a COVID-19 inoculation card/certificate of at the very least 1 dose ,and rapid Antigen Test outcomes with samples take away maximum that 1x24 hours sebelum departure or PCR Test outcomes with samples take away maximum 3x24 hours sebelum departure.Children dibawah the age of 12 are permitted to papan the plane, add by anda parents/family as shown by a family members card (Kartu Keluarga/KK), and fulfill the COVID-19 test needs according to the rule of the departure and destination airports.The travel demands in this halaman has to be updated based on the latest traveling regulations, according to the PPKM conditions at each origin/destination, tingkat 1, 2, 3, or 4. Check the latest flight regulations by filling in the destination in the shaft above.Regarding the details in some media outlets the PeduliLindungi will no longer be a flight requirements or PeduliLindungi will certainly be incorporated with part applications starting October 2021, us will proceed to direktur the evolusi of that information and also this page will it is in updated if there is one update. Please proceed to direktur this halaman for the recent information.This landing page is to update regularly. We will certainly be surveillance the instance closely and also this landing page will it is in updated as soon as we got a brand-new regulation. Please examine this page regularly because that the latest updates.
If her departure day has passed however your refund inquiry is still being processed, over there is no require to contact us again. works closely with airline partners to make sure your refund inquiry is handle accordingly.

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Want to understand the latest flight requirements because that traveling or just curious about the current flight regulations?Just find all the recent and paling complete flight requirements ~ above's Safe take trip Page. as the leading way of life superapp in southeast Asia always strives to provide easy info for its users. Through this Safe take trip Page, girlfriend can gain the easiest overview when it comes to qualifying for a flight. We existing information ~ above the rules for visiting a location in Indonesia or around the world on the Safe take trip Page, from orang who deserve to travel and guides once traveling.It doesn't protect against there, you can tambahan find out the latest trip requirements that use to reach the destination. Kemudian as the need to bring a COVID-19 test (PCR or quick test antigen), as soon as is the maximum validity periode of the COVID-19 check letter, whether or not it is crucial to lug a COVID-19 inoculation card or certificate, causing obligation quarantine when getting here at the destination, and also so on. Every one of this info is selalu updated complying with the latest advancements in flying regulations from the proficient authorities, specific the COVID-19 job Force, to adjust of residence Affairs, ministry of Transportation, regional governments, and also other connected parties. So, make certain you always check the safe Travel halaman for the latest flight regulations once traveling.

How to discover Flight demands to and also from a Destination

To find out the conditions for travel by airplane to and also from any type of destination, hanya follow these helpful steps:Type your asal in the “Departure from” field. Because that information, girlfriend can tambahan leave this shaft blank.Enter your destination in the “Arrive/transit in” column.When you have actually filled it out, proceed to click "Check Regulations".Safe travel will display screen all the required trip requirements from and also to your wanted destination.After properly knowing the recent flight terms or regulation from and also to a destination, make sure you accomplish all these demands to be able to fly!

Important things to Know around Safe Travel

Please note that boarding requirements may readjust at any type of time follow to the recent circumstances. That can juga affect problems in the daerah when you travel. For this reason, it would be better if you could as lot as kelayakan confirm every applicable regulations to the pertinent authorities sebelum you travel. That way, her trip can feel safer and much more comfortable.Also obey diberkatilah anda protocols wherever you are, such as wearing double masks (medical masks covered with fabric masks), maintaining physical street from various other people, and also diligently cleaning hands with untuk berlari water and also soap or hand sanitizer. Juga make certain your tubuh manusia condition is healthy kapan traveling!