Selena Gomez and justin Bieber have both very much moved on darimana their march 2018 break-turned-breakup, however that doesn"t average the Biebs has completely left Gomez"s mind. Selena Gomez pan account TheSelenaRundown noticed that Gomez liked—then unliked—two justin Bieber photos this day on Instagram, consisting of one that them bersama in February 2018 when they saw his dad"s wedding in Jamaica. The photo was posted on a Jelena pan account.

Gomez rapidly unliked the first, a shirtless photo of Bieber"s chest. TheSelenaRundown telah mengambil a screenshot, for this reason the receipt remains, also though her like has sejak been removed:

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But by 8:45 P.M., it was gone:


Gomez liking 2 Bieber shots surprised some fans, that speculated the Gomez’s Instagram may have been hacked. Gomez has not made a declare about what happened, that course, but she has talked about exactly how proud she is of apa she learned from dating Bieber and also processing anda relationship and also breakup.

"I had actually something beautiful and I would never deny the it wasn"t that," Gomez said NPR"s Lulu Garcia-Navarro in January. "It was very complicated and I"m happy it"s over. And I felt choose this <"Lose You to Love Me"> was a an exccarlocaione.orgnt way to hanya say, friend know, it"s done, and also I understand that, and also I respect that, and also now di sini I am stepping into a totality other chapter."

"Saying goodbye to justin Bieber, who I"m presume you"re speaking about," Garcia-Navarro said.

"You had to get the name in, I obtain it," Gomez conceded.

Garcia-Navarro asked if obtaining over Bieber and that relationship was one of the hardest bagian of she life.

"No, because I"ve uncovered the toughness in it," Gomez said. "It"s attention to stay in a victim mentality. And also I"m no being disrespectful, I execute feel ns was a victim to certain abuse—"

"You mean emotional abuse?" Garcia-Navarro asked.

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"Yes, and I think the it"s other that—I had to discover a means to recognize it as an adult. And I had actually to know the options I was making. As much as I absolutely don"t desire to invest the rest of mine life talking around this, i am yes, really proud the I have the right to say i feel the strongest I"ve ever felt and also I"ve found a method to hanya walk through it through as much anggun as possible."

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