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Click here: https://www.ets.org/toefl/test-takers/ibt/prepare/

Information around the ability level for the tested language skills: listening, reading, speaking and also writing will certainly be listed in the score report obtained by the check taker.

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Range Score Table from ETS

SkillsScore RangeAbility Level
Listening0 – 30High (22–30)Intermediate (15–21)

Low (0–14)

Reading0 – 30High (22–30)Intermediate (15–21)

Low (0–14)

Speaking0 – 30Good (26–30)Fair (18–25)

Limited (10–17)

Weak (0–9)

Writing0 – 30Good (24–30)Fair (17–23)

Limited (1–16)

1. Digital Scores

Click “My TOEFL iBT Account” that is situated on the peak rightInput you username and password then click “Login”After login, click “View Scores” on the left menuThen click “View” top top score details.

2. Download in PDF Format

Since 2015, TOEFL iBT test participants deserve to download the score report in the membentuk of a PDF. This layout can be tangan kedua for scholarship it is registered or proceeding education. It need to be noted that some educational institutions will certainly still inquiry a score report in printed membentuk sent by ETS. The PDF score report can be downloaded 6-10 aku after the test date.

How come download online Score style PDF:

Click “My TOEFL iBT Account” ~ above the height rightInput your username and password, then click “Login”After login, click “View Scores” top top the left menuThen click “Download” on score details.

3. Secara resmi Score Report

Applying for riset abroad either through scholarship or non-scholarship channelsRequirements for obtaining a UK visa. Click di sini for information information.Requirements for obtaining an Australian student visa. Click here for information information.

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ETS uses both umat ​​manusia raters and automated scoring methods to market a complete and also accurate snapshot of a check taker’s ability.