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(Fighting...!)I. Determined the ideal answer and also cross the letter!1. At 07.00 am, we can say.....a. Great morningb. Good afternoon c. Great eveningd. Great night2. Hello! ns ..... Siti.a. Sheb. Hec. Amd. Are3. Maafkan saya is that....

a. The is a mapb. That is a black boardc. That is a rubberd. That is a a calendar4. What is that....


a. Taht is a dustbinb. The is a windowc. That is a cupboardd. That is a door 5. The student use dari mereka .... To create in the books.
a. Chalkb. Penc. Eraserd. Type-x6. We have breakfast at.....a. Morningb. Afternoonc. Eveningd. Night7. The yard is dirty. Have the right to you....a. To wash it b. Sweep itc. Litter it d. Review it 8. Mrs. Eni : " Bayu, have the right to you .... The whiteboard?" bayu : " yes, i can".a. Washb. Cleanc. Sweepd. Empty9. The thesaurus is very important for student. the definition of the underlined indigenous is...a. Bukub. Kamusc. Seragamd. Dasi10. Yusuf : "May i ..... Your pencil?" Kristian : "Sorry, I hanya have a pencil"a. Buyb. Borrowc. Throwd. Eraser
Erwin is a college student in elementary school. Mr. Dia is his father. He always go to school with Ana, she is his sister. Generally they go to school at 06.00 am take a bike. They room studying in the same school. Ana is 2 years younger 보다 Erwin. Erwin is in 6th grade and Ana is in 4th grade. Mr. Bianto is Erwin"s bahasa inggris teacher, the is very friendly.
My surname is Mikael, my friends referred to as me Mike. I"m in fourth grade. My hobby is swimming. My favorite lesson is eglish and also math. I have older sister, Siska is she name. She is 4 years older 보다 me. She is studying in midle high school. In minggu I usually bermain with her and also Nicky, its mine cat.

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31. That is Mikael nick name....32. Who is Mikael"s sister.....33. Who is Nicky.....34. What is Mikael favorite lesson.....35. Where is Siska school.....III. Prize the pertanyaan below!36. Mention 4 things that you can find in the class room!37. Finish these dialogues! Teacher : "Good morning, every body!" college student : " ...., Sir!" Teacher : "How space you today?" students :" ......."38. Mention the seven colors the the rainbow!39. Mengatur into a good sentense! cycle - generally - come - go - by - institution - I40. I love to discover english. In Indonesian means.....Kunci jawaban klik HERE