Berikut ini adalah contoh olah soal Ulangan tengah Semester (UTS) 1 mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris buat adik-adik apa duduk di feses Sekolah radikal kelas 4 apa sudah dilengkapi terkunci jawaban.

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I. Check out the text then answer question ! Hello, my name is Boby. This is my living room. There space twelve things in this room. Over there is a television. Over there is a radio. Over there is a clock. Over there is a sofa. There is a lamp. Look ! the is a picture. That is a dustbin and also that is a that is a telephone. This is a table and also this is a carpet. Where space an ashtray and a flower vase? The ashtray and flower vase space on the table.1. Whose living room is the ?Answer : .....2. How numerous things room there in the living room ?Answer : .....3. Is over there a calendar in the life room ?Answer : .....4. Is over there a sofa in the life room ?Answer : .....5. Whereby is an ashtray ?Answer : .....II. Pick the exactly answer by cross a, b, c, or d !1. Justin :"Good night Selena"! Selena : "Good .... ".a. Afternoonb. Eveningc. Morningd. Night2. Boy name : "Hello Rosi, exactly how are girlfriend "? Rosi : " Hello .... Fine".a. Friend areb. Us arec. I amd. That is3. Our parents room ....a. Father and motherb. Brother and also sisterc. Grandfather and also grandmotherd. Uncle and aunt4. Usually the leather of a household is ....a. Teacherb. Head masterc, presidentd. Father5. We are born by ....a. Fatherb. Motherc. Sisterd. Daughter6. Nino is mine sister"son. Nino is my ....a. Cousinb. Daughterc. Nephewd. Niece7. Look in ~ the photo !

Mr. Rozak is Viona"s ....a. Fatherb. Motherc. Brotherd. Daughter8. Alfian is Mrs. Farah"s ....a. Fatherb. Motherc. Daughterd. Son9. Mr. Jono is mine uncle. His wife is mine ....a. Motherb. Sisterc. Cousind. Aunt10. The younger brothers of our father is our ....a. Auntb. Unclec. Grandfatherd. Grandson11. The child of our uncle is our ....a. Nephewb. Niecec. Cousind. Sister12. Sintin has a mother..... Name is Mrs. Tanti.a. Yourb. Herc. Hisd. Is13. Rian is Mrs. Yanti"s son. Fina is Mrs. Yanti"daughter.Rian is Fina"s ....a. Sisterb. Brotherc. Sond. Daughter14. Cikita : "...."? Meydi :" i live in Kediri:.a. Where space youb. How old space youc. What is her named. Where do you live15. Agung demands scissor to ....a. Reduced paperb. Carry bookc. Write letterd. Attract picture16.

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Olla cleans the table by melihat ....a. A dusterb. A broomc. A brushd. A rubber17. We deserve to put every the points in our bag, except ....a. Booksb. Pensc. Rulerd. Chair18. Father needs .... To read the newspapera. Mirrorb. Glassc. Glassesd. Telescope19. We lug something through ....a. Legb. Handc. Kneed. Shoulder20. We have the right to speak due to the fact that we have actually a ....a. Noseb. Earc. Mouthd. Hand21. Armando is walk to college by ....a. Ballb. Boxc. Bicycled. Basket22. These room the means of transportations, other than ....a. Pedicapb. Card. Biked. Cake23. College student writes top top the blackboard by melihat ....a. Pencilb. Chalkc. Stickd. Eraser24. My mommy needs .... To chef in the kitchena. Refrigeratorb. Stovec. Fand. Iron25. We can keep our clothing in the ....a. Cupboardb. Blackboardc. Freezerd. Wall26. Mother needs a cup the ....a. Eggb. Ricec. Noodled. Tea27. We discover the an interpretation of an overwhelming of english words in the ....a. Bookb. Dictionaryc. Newspaperd. Letter28. Lina demands a watch to know ....a. The placeb. The timec. The aread. The direction29. As soon as we want to sleep us go to ....a. Kitchenb. Bedroomc. Bathroomd. Diving room30. Spoon is a thing which is digunakan to tolong us as soon as we room ....a. Readingb. Walkingc. Speakingd. EatingIII. Fill the empty with suitable word !
1. The dad of our mother is our ....2. Mommy needs a .... To move the floor3. We require an .... As soon as it is raining.4. Teacher cleans the blackboard by melihat ....5. Us sit on the ....IV. Analyze into bahasa inggris !1. Pak dan saya adalah ayahku2. Koko dan Kiki sedang menonton sepak bola3. Budi sedang mendengar radio4. Bu Rosa berdiri dekat meja5. Nadia meletakkan tasnya diatas kursiV. Interpret into Indonesian !1. Mine uncle"s kid is mine cousin2. We have the right to buy the cake in the canteen3. Diana has actually a brand-new bicycle4. Ns love my dicat so much5. Edo to write on the whiteboard by melihat the markerDownload Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1Kunci jawaban Room I1. It life room belongs to Boby2. There are twelve things in the life room3. No, the is not4. Yes, over there is5. The ashtray is ~ above the tableKunci hadiah Room II1.d 2.c 3.a 4.d 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.d 9.d 10.b 11.c 12.b 13.b 14.d 15.a 16.a 17.d 18.c 19.b 20.c 21.c 22.d 23.b 24.b 25.a 26.d 27.b 28.b 29.b 30.dKunci jawaban Room III1. Grandfather2. Broom3. Umbrella4. Eraser5. ChairKunci menjawab room IV1. Mr. Dan saya is my father2. Koko and Kiki space watching football3. Budi is hear the radio4. Mrs. Rosa stands close to the table5. Nadia puts she bag ~ above the chairKunci jawabutuh Room V1. Anak pamanku adalah saudara sepupuku2. Itupenggunaan bisa membeli kue di kantin3. Diana punya sepeda baru4. Aku terutang menyayangi kucingku5. Edo menulis di board tulis dengan benefit spidolWarning: Harap noël mengcopy dough dan mempublish mengulang Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1 plus terkunci Jawaban apa ada di blog Jadilah blogger kreatif mencapai tidak melakukan copy dough dan mempublish diulang ! Terima kasihDemikianlah Soal UTS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1 plus terkunci Jawaban apa bisa saya bagikan. Harapan bermanfaat.