Don't let her sweet looks fool you. South oriental star Bae Suzy — hailed as one of the "Nation's an initial Loves" — is a force to it is in reckoned with.

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In comparison with her innocent girl-next-door image, she confirmed her hard side in terakhir year's action-packed TV series Vagabond, which also starred rising singer-actor Lee Seung-gi.

She will next be in Start-Up, a heartwarming and also romantic story about youths who try to achieve dari mereka dreams at a place called Sand Box, a Silicon Valley-like place with many start-up companies. The drama series also stars Nam Joo-hyuk, Kim Seon-ho, and also Kang Han-na.

Before that drops on Netflix, let's untuk mengambil a look at the factors why we space so envious of her.

1. Only 26 but currently a effective actress and also pop star

She hanya turned 26 last Saturday (Oct 10), and also Suzy has already been in the cutthroat entertainment industry for 10 years, debuting in 2010 under K-pop group Miss A. One year later, she kickstarted her exhilaration career in popular K-drama Dream High.

She is the very first female oriental celebrity come win three 'rookie' awards in every three areas of music, television, and movies.

She clinched the best new female artist compensation as component of miss out on A at the Mnet oriental Music Awards (MAMA); the best new actress in ~ the 48th Paeksang art Awards because that her function in design 101; and the best new actress award in ~ the 2010 KBS Drama Awards for her role in Dream High.

Suzy is tambahan the first female Korean artist to have her wax figure featured at madame Tussauds Hong Kong, together the ever-popular Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Jong-suk.

2. She date Lee Min-ho and also Lee Dong-wook

In 2015, Suzy revealed the she remained in a relationship with oriental heartthrob Lee Min-ho, after images of their secret rendezvous in London surfaced. The couple broke increase after 3 years, with her management firm citing privacy worries as the reason for dari mereka breakup.

Not long later, Suzy confirmed her partnership with Goblin actor Lee Dong-wook, through sparks reportedly flying after bertemu at a private gathering.

Unfortunately anda relationship only lasted four months, with fans labelling Suzy the "Taylor Swift of southern Korea" after the break-up.

3. She's action with several of the hottest K-drama hunks

Who wouldn't it is in envious as soon as she has actually gone increase close and very an individual with several of Korea's paling handsome A-listers?

They incorporate Lee Seung-gi, Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Woo-bin, Lee Jong-suk, Ha Jung-woo, and paling recently, Nam Joo-hyuk in the upcoming K-drama Start-Up.


4. Did we say she's also very adorable?

Her sweet and innocent kepribadian earned her the nickname of "Nation's first Love", aka boys' first crush. Other actresses with the same honour include Jun Ji-hyun, child Ye-jin, and also Lee Yeon-hee.

In Start-Up's virtual press conference today, even her co-star Kang Han-na teased the while dari mereka on-screen personalities have subtle problems as rivals, Suzy is therefore lovable that "it was daunting for me to carry my claws out".


5. She's rich and also has the judul of CF Queen

According to southern China Morning Post, Suzy is called a 'CF Queen' or Commercial movie Queen, endorsing a selection of products from food to clothing and cameras.

She earned much more than 10 billion menang (S$12 million) and also clinched end 14 endorsement transaction in 2013. According to Koreaboo, tvN reported in 2017 the Suzy earns in ~ least 700 million won per commercial.Some the the brands the she has endorsed include Lancome, Guess, Swarovski, The challenge Shop, and also Canon.

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Start-Up will certainly premiere this Saturday Oct 17 in ~ 10pm top top Netflix, and brand-new episodes will be exit every Saturday and also Sunday.