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Here there is no You is a song by American rock pita 3 Doors Down. It was released on august 11, 2003 as the third solitary from the 2nd studio album away from the sun (2002). The peaked at No. 5 ~ above the Billboard hot 100, for the week ending November 8, 2003. Just their songs "Kryptonite" and "When I"m Gone" reached higher positions top top the chart, peaking at No. 3 and also No. 4, respectively. The has darimana been certified 3x Platinum in the unified States and Platinum in Australia. The song was a besar success on pop radio, becoming anda third No. 1 hit on the Mainstream height 40 chart and milik mereka first No. 1 top top the Adult optimal 40 chart, where it remained at the peak for 13 weeks. While one of their paling popular songs, "Here without You" was no a besar hit top top the band"s home format of rock radio, peaking at No. 14 on the Mainstream batu Songs chart and also No. 22 on alternative Songs. After the song"s release, "Here there is no You" remained a clip on pop and also adult modern-day radio yet not on batu or different radio. Worldwide, the song got to No. 2 in Australia, coming to be the band"s highest-charting solitary there. It tambahan reached the top 10 in Denmark, the Netherlands, and brand-new Zealand and also the peak 20 in Austria, Norway, and also Sweden.more »

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A hundred aku have make me olderSince the last time that I observed your quite faceA thousands lies have made me colderAnd i don"t think I can look at this the sameBut all the miles that separateThey disappear now when I"m dreamin" of her faceI"m di sini without friend babyBut you"re tho on mine lonely mindI think around you baby and I dream around you every the timeI"m di sini without girlfriend babyBut you"re still with me in mine dreamsAnd this evening it"s just you and also me, yeahThe miles hanya keep rollin"As the people leave anda way to say helloI"ve heard this life is overratedBut I hope that that gets better as we go, five yeah yeahI"m here without you babyBut you"re tho on my lonely mindI think around you baby and also I dream about you all the timeI"m di sini without you babyBut you"re still v me in my dreamsAnd tonight girl, it"s just you and meEverything I know (yeah), and also anywhere i go (yeah)It gets hard but it won"t untuk mengambil away mine love (yeah)And once the terakhir one drops (oh-oh) as soon as its every said and doneIt it s okay hard yet it won"t bawa pulang away mine love, whoa, oh-ohI"m here without girlfriend babyBut you"re still on my lonely mindI think about you baby and I dream about you every the timeI"m here without girlfriend babyBut you"re still v me in mine dreamsAnd tonight girl, it"s only you and me, yeah, five yeahOh-oh, oh oh oh

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3 Doors dibawah 3 Doors turun is one American rock pita from Escatawpa, Mississippi created in 1996. The pita originally included Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Todd Harrell (bass) and Matt roberts (guitar). They telah mengambil in chris Henderson in the really early hari of The better Life"s creation and also released the album together a 4 piece band. Richard Liles play drums for the pita during milik mereka touring insignificant on the record. From 2002 - 2005 The pita hired Daniel Adair together a "touring" drummer and ambil off to bermain nearly 1000 mirrors as this development all across the dunia in assistance of anda hugely successful "Away native The Sun" album. In 2005, when Daniel Adair to be hired full time by Nickelback, 3 Doors turun took on greg Upchurch (Puddle of Mudd) to play drums full-time. In 2012; the pita rele… an ext »

Written by: Bradley Kirk Arnold, christopher Lee Henderson, Matthew Darrick Roberts, Robert Todd Harrell