Episode 7 had actually a plethora of awesome moment which i will try to condense right into my favorites therefore we are not here all night. From emotionally breakdowns, love confessions, and an easy romantic moments, this episode had them all. So if ns skip over anything important, i apologize beforehand. You space welcome to panggilan me on that in the comments.

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We are going to speed through this part darimana I desire to gain to the good pair stuff.

Yeon Joo to be the initial creator that the W top man/basic concept. She was inspired by the town hall the Olympics as a child and created her right man….aka Kang Cheol. Ambil a moment to think this through. She developed her own masa depan husband. Currently that is important trippy.


It is understandable that Kang Cheol is a little upset in ~ Yeon Joo for saving him. Specifically if she is just going come “create” his life with no input for his wants and needs. “Did you carry me kembali to life to bermain romance? do I look prefer a toy to you?!” it is only after he kekuasaan Yeon Joo begin crying that she ultimately shouts out why she conserved him. “Because ns love you!” which is shocking enough for her to disappear to the real world.

And now we gain to the great stuff! AWESOMELY ROMANTIC SMOOCHES!

Returning to webtoon world hanya seconds after disappearing, Kang Cheol admits that he to be scared the would tidak pernah see each various other after Yeon Joo had disappeared and also pulls her into an extreme swoonworthy kiss.


Now that all the angsty stuff is behind him, Kang Cheol it s okay to occupational on operation “Get Yeon Joo out of jail.” His solution, creating a fake marital relationship certificate claiming the Yeon Joo to be secretive due to the fact that they didn’t desire to make anda relationship public. SQUEEE! therefore cute.

Being the goal oriented male that that is, Kang Cheol offers Yeon Joo (via his bodyguard bestie) 4 choices for milik mereka upcoming romance. Walk anyone else obtain a giggle at the thought of that researching apa women find romantic?

#1 A Cinderella format romance through a huge party.

#3 A basic romance in daily life.

Yeon Joo ultimately picks the third option, while holding up 4 fingers. Hahahaha! somebody really wants a steamy and also adult style romance. I really mengharapkan this proceeds to be a untuk berlari joke between the two.


But points can’t continue to be all flowers and sausages because that long. Receiving a call from a clogged number, Kang Cheol all of sudden hears a creepy suara asking; “Where room you? exactly how did girlfriend live?” The words appearing out of slim air in prior of Kang Cheol’s gaze. ACK! There really is a killer and he sounds pissed.


GASP! bad Kang Cheol. I have actually a feeling that he is going to carry out anything he can, also to the allude of ending his existence, in order to protect Yeon Joo indigenous the killer. I am deep worried the he is all of sudden going come go sepenuhnya noble idiot on us and also destroy the budding romance.



Which bring us back to the segment that the recap we panggilan “Conspiracy Theories” whereby we hypothesize apa is going to happen. Kudos to Drama geek on calling the end the actual creator of the webtoon in last week’s Conspiracy theories segment.

For this week i am going come again focus on the identification of the killer. Certain the dad stated that the didn’t mulai the webtoon through a real pembunuh in mind, yet there sure seems to it is in one now. And that killer needs a tersembunyi identity, right? So here are our pembunuh options:

Seo perform Yoon (Bodyguard Bestie) – He seems to be every bromantic and also sweet but does he have tersembunyi evil depths? His phone seems to be tangan kedua in suspicious ways throughout the collection so far.Park Soo Bong – Is dad’s goofish assistant together dorkie as he seems? Or is over there a bersembunyi psychopath lurking behind the bumbling facade?Kang Suk Bum – Is Seon Joo’s childhood girlfriend a stunner killer? Suk Bum appears to be surrounding all the time in the genuine world. His useful persona mungkin be a red herring.

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Park Min Soo – walk our favorite medical professional turn indigenous fanboy to crazy netizen?Alternate Kang Cheol – I have actually heard a lot of suggestions that probably Kang Cheol’s persona was somehow broken into two and also the other fifty percent is the killer terrorizing the webtoon. That would certainly be an amazing twist.

Tell united state your killer theories in the comments and be sure to check bagian belakang next mainly for an ext wonderful W-Two Worlds. Because that now, every I can say is;