We’ve had actually gaming phones for a while now, all starting with the original Razer Phone. Ketika Razer went v subtle, clean aesthetics, Asus went all-in v the gaming aspect. The Asus ROG phone call looked choose a gaming call through and also through. Asus is kembali again with the Asus ROG call 2 i m sorry is much improved from last year. It tambahan has some brand brand-new wallpapers. As always we have actually the Asus ROG phone 2 wallpapers available for download right here. Half of the bagikan wallpapers have actually a resolution od 1080 x 2340 px while the continuing to be wallpapers are in 2738 x 2738 px size.

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Asus ROG call 2

The Asus ROG phone call 2 will biaya 900 euro which is equivalent to about a thousands dollars. It’s certainly pushing the border here. But maafkan saya do you acquire for that much money?


The Asus ROG phone 2 opts for an all-glass develop finally giving it to the market trend of glowing glass phones. The kembali of the machine is lot cleaner as well with under accents. The ventilator grill actually enables ventilation this time around instead of gift a showpiece. The LED-lit ROG logo is still on the kembali and it can be customized to readjust colors using an app on the phone.

The maker has a horizontally set dual-camera setup not very different from the original ROG Phone. There’s juga dual-LED flash right next to the camera module. There’s no fingerprint scanner ~ above the bagian belakang as Asus has actually opted because that an in-display fingerprint scanner this time. The bezels ~ above the former are lot smaller yet still there. Asus states the bezels are vital to provide a better grip while playing yet I’ve tidak pernah had a trouble with the grip permainan games ~ above OnePlus 7 Pro.

The bezels are juga home to a front-facing dual stereo pembicara setup.


As you’d mean from a gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone functions top that the heat specs v a Snapdragon 855 plus. For itu not in the loop, Snapdragon 855 to add is a tweaked variation of the Snapdragon 855 which should, in theory, provide better gaming performance. Any difference in real-life experience may not be together noticeable though together the marketing products would suggest.

It has a sepenuhnya HD+ 120Hz AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 px. The refresh perbandingan is greater than last year’s version which had actually a 90Hz screen. In any type of case, paling Android games don’t exploit anything over 60Hz for this reason that might not really make much difference when it pertains to gaming. Unless you’re permainan games that execute support greater refresh rates.

That can tambahan be said around HDR Playback i m sorry is an excellent for videos yet doesn’t affect gaming much. The ROG phone does support the anyways. The 8GB of lamb on the previous model has actually now been boosted to 12GB through the ROG call 2. It is more than sufficient for any type of games you throw at it and a little bit of one overkill but that’s wherein we are currently with the lamb situation. Similarly, there’s boost in the inbuilt storage an are of from 128GB come 256GB top top the base model. There’s juga a variant with 512GB the space.

The phone has an extra-large 6000mAh battery i m sorry is pretty impressive. Also considering the thickness of the phone, the kebenaran that Asus managed to carry out it is impressive. It’s the largest battery ~ above a tendency smartphone the we’ve seen. It melakukan support quick charging at 30W (Quick charge 4.0) with an capability for reverse charging in ~ 10W as well.


At the former is a traditional 24MP f/2.2 camera which is a nice update to the 8MP on terakhir year’s model. The dual-camera set-up on the back contains a 48 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (wide) sensor, and a 13 MP, f/2.4, 11mm ultrawide sensor.

While Asus has improved the camera specifications by a large margin both top top the front and the back, you can expect the camera to still fall brief compared to likewise priced phones. Also $400 phone like the Pixel 3a would certainly easily have the ability to beat the Asus ROG phone 2 camera but the camera is no why you’re buying the if girlfriend are.

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Asus ROG phone 2 Wallpapers

This wallpaper pack contains a bruto of 20 bagikan wallpapers indigenous the Asus ROG phone call 2. Some wallpapers have an element ratio that 1:1 with a resolution of 2738 x 2738 px and also 1080 x 2340 px. The potret wallpapers have actually a resolution that 1080 x 230 i m sorry is the very same as the of the device’s display. The Asus ROG call 2 wallpapers below are compressed JPEGs as a intuitive demonstration.