It halaman Three could be something the fans want, yet right now, every signs point to a third movie being extremely unlikely.

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The sequel can not have actually done also at package office through $473 million, yet that"s no the reason as there"s lot of of attention in the further adventures the Pennywise and also the Losers" Club.

Instead, it"s because the 2 movies together a entirety told the complete cerita of Stephen King"s standard horror novel.

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Usually that wouldn"t stop Hollywood if lagi movie to be wanted, however director Andy Muschietti told Digital Spy that he feels as though the sequel to be the "conclusion the the cerita between the Losers matches Pennywise".

And there definitely is a resolution which doesn"t immediately collection up lagi movie.


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The sequel sees the Losers" Club return to Derry to loss Pennywise once and also for every because, if castle don"t, they"ll die sebelum they get lagi chance. So they all stick around for one final battle with Pennywise... And they win.

They are able come overcome their fears, make Pennywise feel kecil and to like his heart, releasing themselves – and also Derry – that the evil clown. They all go bagian belakang to milik mereka lives, just this time castle remember maafkan saya happened, and Mike ultimately leaves Derry behind in the final shot the the movie.

To continue the cerita with an It bab Three, you"d have to incorporate the Losers" Club and Pennywise and also bringing either bagian belakang would cheapen the finishing of Chapter Two.

What"s more, the longer they leaving a potential third movie, the less chance that the young actors can show up in it in flashbacks, prefer in the sequel, and also they room the real stars of the franchise.


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While Muschietti"s two-part adaptation did leaving some facets of King"s publication out, the movie did mostly cover the entire cerita of the publication when it comes to the Losers, therefore there"s nothing over there to it is adapted in a 3rd movie.


Maybe there"s lagi way the they can continue the world of It without doing a typical Chapter Three.

Pennywise actor tagihan Skarsgård confirmed in September 2019 that he"d spoken with Muschietti about what a 3rd movie could be, teasing that it"s no "quite maafkan saya people expect" and that it would be "something different".

"The first two stories room the book, and also the 2nd film is the end of that story. So we would perform something fairly literally off book. There are a few ide ide floating around," the added.

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"I feel prefer I"ve done maafkan saya I can with the incarnation of Pennywise as we know of him, so ns think it would certainly be a cool idea to change up a couple of things. So, there is no going right into too much detail, over there is a cerita that we"re sort of excited about, however it"s way too at an early stage to say."

That was quickly after the melepaskan of the second movie and darimana then, there"s been no talk of a third It movie happening.

But let"s just say it mungkin happen still, maafkan saya could it be about?

Two facets that both movie (wisely) left out from the book menjadi the lebih lebar Macroverse, consisting of Maturin the cosmic turtle, and also the basic origins of Pennywise, or IT as the creature is known in the book.


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The Macroverse stuff bisa prove as well weird to adapt for the screen but there is tho plenty us don"t know about Pennywise and also his history. It"s something the Muschietti has komandan about too.

"Mythology is other that selalu has avenues to explore. It has actually been on earth for numerous years. He"s remained in contact with people for thousands of years, every 27 years. So you have the right to imagine the lot of material," he told io9.

Now, the doesn"t median Muschietti will explore it ("there"s naught on the table"), it hanya means that the limit is there to continue the It world in probably a spin-off movie or even a TV spin-off.

There"s a danger something prefer that might feel recurring (Pennywise resurfaces, kills some kids, walk away, repeat!), but in the right hands – and also if they can get tagihan Skarsgård come reprise the duty – kemudian it bisa prove just as much of a horror treat together It chapter One and Two.

And of course in the book, that only takes the form of Pennywise because that a part of its long history. Suara like an anthology series to us.


By concentrating on Pennywise and not continuing the story of the Losers" Club, any spin-off wouldn"t diminish apa Muschietti tercapai with the two movies, for this reason it appears a much safer bet than membuat a return because that Pennywise, that is very dead at the finish of It halaman Two.

Writer Gary Dauberman definitely thinks spin-offs from the same world are "possible". "There space definitely facets of the novel you bisa expand on and also make its very own movie," the told Comic publication Movie.

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"It"s just a pertanyaan of whether or not setiap orang want to see it but I perform think It to be on this planet for a very, very, really long time and also that"s a many bloodshed and a the majority of stories come tell and I think you could do that for sure."

Whether anything happens stays to be seen, however we wouldn"t bet versus us every floating again.

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