Everyone knows the classic song “You room My Sunshine.” You’ve most likely sung it as a lullaby come your little one at one suggest another. “You space my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies room grey. You’ll tidak pernah know, dear, just how much ns love you. You re welcome don’t take my sunshine away.” It’s yes, really an adorable, beautiful tiny tune!

However, there’s much an ext to the track than meets the eye. Over there are various other verses in the tune that points come a much more negative connotation to the tune that we’ve every been missing.

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Some that the lyrics to some of the terakhir verses and also choruses that the tune are together follows:

I’ll always love you and make you happyIf girlfriend will only say the sameBut if you leave me come love anotherYou’ll remorse it all someday
You space my sunshine, my only sunshineYou do me happy when skies room greyYou’ll tidak pernah know, dear, how much i love youPlease don’t take my sunshine away

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You said me once, dear, you yes, really loved me And nobody else could come betweenBut currently you’ve left me and love anotherYou have actually shattered all my dreams

Big difference, right? We’ve to be hearing that wrong every along! yet it’s okay, we’ll hanya keep singing the happy chorus since it’s a feel-good track the way we understand it.