After lima glorious years of boy-band perfection, Zayn Malik has -- there’s yes, really no way to soften this -- stop One Direction.

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Actually, if we’re being honest, Malik’s departure from the hugely famous British team was absolutely imaginable.

Last tahun at the mawar Bowl, wherein One arah played 3 sold-out concerts, the 22-year-old singer looked as bored together I’ve ever before seen everyone look ketika performing for tens of thousands of screaming fans.

And hanya last mainly Malik left the band’s current tour, v One Direction’s publicist citing “stress” as his reason for flying home to Britain.

But the inevitability that this result -- damn this outcome! -- won’t likely blunt its tabrakan on the group’s ultra-devoted following.

In a explain Wednesday ~ above the band’s facebook page, Malik apologized “to the pan if i have let everyone down, yet I need to do what feels best in mine heart.”

He claimed his life with One direction “has been an ext than I bisa ever have imagined,” but included that he’s leaving “because I want to it is in a kesatuan 22-year-old who is able come relax and have some private time the end of the spotlight.”

One arah was formed in 2010 after ~ its lima members -- Malik, harry Styles, louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and also Niall Horan -- do the efforts out individually for the british edition of “The X Factor.”

The group discovered instant success; exclusive time since kemudian has probably ini adalah something the members joke about rather than experience.

On Facebook, Malik’s former bandmates claimed they’re “really sad to view Zayn go, yet we completely respect his decision and also send him all our love because that the future.”

The four will proceed recording a new album -- the follow-up to November’s great (and prophetically titled?) “Four” -- i beg your pardon the statement said would be exit this year.

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